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Lesson 56 Not a baby



FATHER: What are you going to do this evening, Betty?


Betty: I'm going to meet some friends, Dad.


FATHER: You mustn't come home late. You must be home at half past ten.


BETTY: I can’t get home so early, Dad.

Can I have the key to the front door, please?


FATHER: NO, you can't.


MOTHER: Betty's eighteen years old, Tom. She's not a baby. Give her the key. She always comes home early.


FATHER: Oh, all right!


FATHER: Here you are. But you mustn't come home after a quarter past eleven. Do you hear?


BETTY: Yes, Dad.

BETTY: Thanks, Mum.


MOTHER: That's all right. Goodbye. Enjoy yourself!


BETTY: We always enjoy ourselves, Mum. Bye, bye.



New words


hear/hɪə/ v. self/sɛlf/ adj.
enjoy/ɪnˈdʒɔɪ/ v. myself/mʌɪˈsɛlf/ pron.
half/hɑːf/ n. yourself/jɔːˈsɛlf/ pron.
quarter/ˈk(w)ɔːtə/ n. ourselves/aʊəˈsɛlvz/ pron.
myself/mʌɪˈsɛlf/ pron. himself/hɪmˈsɛlf/ pron.
yourself/jɔːˈsɛlf/ pron. herself/həːˈsɛlf/ pron.
ourselves/aʊəˈsɛlvz/ pron.  
themselves/ð(ə)mˈsɛlvz/ pron.  

Notes on the text

1. get home

2. key to the front door

3. come home late ; come home early

4. enjoy oneself

Lesson 57 What’s the time?




A. Complete these sentences using in, at, or from


1. I (is, am, are) going to see him …… ten o’clock.

2. It often (rain) …….. November.

3. Where (do, does) you come ……? I come ……. France.

4. She always (go) to work …… the morning.

5. What (is, am, are) the climate like …….. your country?

6. It (is, am, are) cold …… winter and hot …….summer.


B. Answer these questions using I/you/he/she/we/thay and …… o’clock, a quarter to….., past …… half past ……



When must you come home? (1:00)

I must come home at one o’clock.


1. When must she go to the library? (1:30)

2. When must you and Sam see the dentist? (3:45)

3. When can you this letter? (2:30)

4. When can he catch the bus? (3:15)

5. When we telephone you? (10:00)

6. When must my father and my mother arrive there? (8:15)


Lesson 58 The weekend


MRS JOHNSON: Hello, Mrs Williams.

Were you at the butcher's?


MRS WILLIAMS: Yes. I was. Were you at the butcher’s ,too?


MRS JOHNSON: No, I wasn’t. I was at the greengrocer’s. How’s Jimmy today?


MRS WILLIAMS: He’s very well, thank you.


MRS JOHNSON: Was he absent from school last week?


MRS WILLIAMS: Yes, he was. He was absent on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. How are you all keeping?


MRS JOHNSON: Very well, thank you. We’re going to spend three days in the country. We’re going to stay at my mother’s for the week-end.


MRS WILLIAMS: Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the country! Aren’t you lucky!



New words

greengrocer/ˈɡriːnɡrəʊsə/ n. spend/spɛnd/ v.
absent/ˈabs(ə)nt/ adj. weekend/wiːkˈɛnd/ n.
Monday/ˈmʌndeɪ/ n. Friday/ˈfrʌɪdeɪ/ n.
Tuesday/ˈtjuːzdeɪ/ n. Saturday/ˈsatədeɪ/ n.
Wednesday/ˈwɛnzdeɪ/ n. Sunday/ˈsʌndeɪ/ n.
Thursday/ˈθəːzdeɪ/ n. country/ˈkʌntri/ n.
keep/kiːp/ v. lucky/ˈlʌki/ adj.


Notes on the text


1. aren’t you lucky: you are really lucky.

2. How are you all keeping? : How are you?

  3. be verb   Present simple   Past simple
am was
are were

Lesson 59 When were you at ……?




A. Complete these sentences usingthe if necessary.


1. I (was, were) at …….. church on Sunday.

2. He (was, were) at …….. office on Monday.

3. Students (was, were) at …….. school on Tuesday.

4. My wife (was, were) at ……. grocer’s on Wednesday.

5. She (was, were) at …….. buthcer’s on Thursday.

6. My daughter and my wife (was, were) at ……. home Friday.

7. They (was, were) at ….. my house on Saturday.


B. Write questions and answers using he/she and at/on.




When was he at church?

He was at church on Sunday.


1. Tom/the hairdresser’s/Thursday

2. Mrs.Jones/the butcher’s/Wednesday

3. he/home/Snday

4. Penny/the baker’s/Friday

5. Nicola and Thomas/the office/Tuesday


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