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Lesson 49 (57 origin) An unusual day


It is eight o'clock. The children go to school by car every day, but today, they are going to school on foot.


It is ten o'clock. Mrs Sawyer usually stays at home in the morning, but this morning, she is going to the shops.


It is four o’clock. In the afternoon, Mrs Sawyer usually drinks tea in the living-room, but this afternoon, she is drinking tea in the garden.


It is six o’clock. In the evening, the children usually do their homework, but this evening, they are not doing their homework. At the moment, they are playing in the garden.


It is nine o’clock, Mr. Sawyer usually reads his newspaper at night, but he is not reading his newspaper tonight. At the moment, he is reading an interesting book.



New words


o’clock /əˈklɒk/ n. homework/ˈhəʊmwəːk/ n.
foot/fʊt/ n. (feet) moment/ˈməʊm(ə)nt/ n.
stay/steɪ/ v. play/pleɪ/ v.
drink/drɪŋk/ v. read/riːd/ n.
garden/ˈɡɑːd(ə)n/ n. interesting/ˈɪnt(ə)rɪstɪŋ/ n.


Notes on the text

1. on foot

2. stay at home

3. in the garden

4. do homework

5. at the moment = now

6. at night


Lesson 50 What’s the time?


shave/ʃeɪv/ v. cook /kʊk/ v.
play /pleɪ/ v.  



A. Complete these sentences



He usually shaves at 7 o’clock.

But today he ….. at 8 o’clock.

But today he is shaving at 8 o’clock.


1. She usually drinks tea in the morning, but this morning, she ………….. coffee.

2. They usually play in the garden in the afternoon, but this afternoon, they ………… at home.

3. He usually washes the dishes at night, but tonight he ………. clothes.


B. Write questions and answers as in the examples.


they/every day go/to school by car

What do they usually do?

They usually go to school by car.


today go/to school on foot

What are they doing today?

They are going to school on foot today.


1. she/morning drink/tea

morning drink/coffee

2. children/afternoon play/in the garden

afternoon swim in the river

3. my mum and I/evening cook/ a meal

evening read/a book

4. my daughter/night watch/the TV

tonight listen/to the music



Lesson 51 Is that all?


LADY: I want some envelopes please.


STATIONER: Do you want the large size, or the small size?


LADY: The large size please.

LADY: Have you any writing-paper?


Stationer: Yes, we do.

Stationer: I haven't any small pads. I only have large ones. Do you want a pad?


LADY: Yes, please.

LADY: And I want some black ink and some glue.


Stationer: A bottler of ink and a bottle of glue.


LADY: And I want a large box of chalk, too.


Stationer: I only have small boxes. Do you want one?


LADY: No, thank you.


Stationer: Is that all?


LADY: That's all, thank you.


Stationer: What else do you want?


LADY: I want my change.



New words

envelope/ˈɛnvələʊp/ n. pad/pad/ n.
writing paper/ˈrʌɪtɪŋ-ˈpeɪpə/ n. glue/ɡluː/ n.
shop assistant/ʃɒp-əˈsɪst(ə)nt/ n. chalk/tʃɔːk/ n.
size/sʌɪz/ n. change/tʃeɪn(d)ʒ/ n.
only/ˈəʊnli/ adv. ink /ɪŋk/ n.



Lesson 52 Do you have any…..?


Countable nouns Uncountable nouns


potato potatoes wine
tomato tomatoes beer
banana bananas meat
grape grapes butter




A. Rewrite these sentences using sor eswhere necessary.



I don’t have any banana, but I have some peach.

I don’t have any bananas, but I have some peaches.

I don’t have any coffee, but I have some milk.

I don’t have any coffee, but I have some milk.


1. I don’t have any grape, but I have some peach.

2. I don’t have any tomato, but I have some potato.

3. I don’t have any mince, but I have some steak.

4. I don’t have any glue, but I have some water.

5. I don’t have envelope, but I have some writing paper.


B. Answer these questions.



do, have, you, butter, any /cheese

Do you have any butter?

I don’t have any butter, but I have some cheese.


1. do, have, any, they, honey /jam

2. you and Arman, do, have, beer, any /wine

3. we, any, have, banana, we /apple

4. my friends, any, writing paper, do, have /envelope


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