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Exercise 15 Answer the questions.

1. What is the purpose of your article?

2. What is the article topic?

3. What is this article about?

4. What events does this article review (discuss)?

5. What does the article describe?

6. What are the main parts of this article?

7. In what section of a newspaper could it be found?


*Headline English

Newspaper headlines try to catch the reader’s eye by using as few words as possible. The

language headlines use is, consequently, unusual in a number of ways.


Ø Grammar words like articles or auxiliary verbs are often left out, e.g. EARLY CUT FORECAST IN INTEREST RATES

Ø A simple form of the verb is used, e.g. MAYOR OPENS HOSPITAL


Ø The infinitive is used to express the fact that something is going to happen in the future, e.g. PRESIDENT TO VISIT FLOOD AREAS

Newspaper headlines use a lot of distinctive vocabulary. They usually prefer words that are shorter and sound more dramatic than ordinary English words. The words marked1 can be used either as nouns or verbs.


  newspaper word   meaning   newspaper word   meaning
  aid*   help   key (adj.)   essential, vital
axe* cut, remove link* connection
back (verb) support move* step towards a desired end
bar* exclude, forbid ordeal (noun) painful experience
bid* attempt oust (verb) push out / remove
blast* explosion plea (noun) request
blaze* fire pledge* promise
boost* incentive, encourage ploy (noun) clever activity
boss* head* manager, director poll* probe* election / public opinion survey investigation
clash* dispute quit (verb) leave, resign
curb* restraint, limit riddle (noun) mystery
cut* reduction strife (noun) conflict
drama tense situation talks (noun) discussions
drive* campaign, effort threat danger
gems (noun) jewels vow* promise
go-ahead approval wed (verb) marry
hit (verb) affect badly    


Newspaper headlines often use abbreviations, e.g. PM for Prime Minister, MP for ̀åøêà of Parliament.

Ø Some newspapers also enjoy making jokes in their headlines. They do this by playing will words or punning, e.g. a wet open air concert in London by the opera singer Luciano Pavarotti was described as: ’TORRENTIAL RAIN IN MOST ARIAS’ [‘most areas’]

Ø An announcement that a woman working at the Mars chocolate company had got an interesting new job was: WOMAN FROM MARS TO BE FIRST BRITON IN SPACE


Exercise 16 The words in the box are commonly used in newspaper headlines. Why do you think these words are often short and dramatic? Complete the headline with the words.


haul swoop blow havoc cops fury raid axe orgy cons dumps bid row ban probe



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