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1. Choose the most suitable word or phrase underlined in each sentence.

a) Jack decided to take a course/lesson in hotel management.

b) Sheila always got good marks/points in algebra.

c) After living school, Ann studied/trained as a teacher.

d) Peter decided not to go in/enter for the examination.

e) My sister learned/taught me how to draw.

f) I can’t come to the cinema. I have to read/study for a test.

g) In history we had to learn a lot of dates by hand/heart.

h) I hope your work will improve by the end of course/term.

i) Martin failed/missed his maths exam and had to sit it again.

j) If you have any questions, raise/rise your hand.

2. Complete each sentence with a word from the list. Use each word once only.

cheat copy memorize pay revise divide concentrate pass punish underline

a) Our teachers used to…. us by making us stay behind after school.

b) The teacher saw Jerry trying to…. in the test.

c) Try to…. the most important rules.

d) It is difficult to…. attention in a noisy classroom.

e) Pauline tried her best to…. the end of year examinations.

f) Your work is the same as Harry’s. Did you…. his work?

g) Your mind is wandering! You must…. more!

h) Helen decided to…. all her work at the end of every week.

i) It’s a good idea to…. important parts of the book in red.

j) If you…. twenty seven by nine, the answer is three.

3.Match each person from the list with a suitable description. Use each name once only.

classmate examiner learner principal pupil coach graduate lecture professor tutor

a) Someone who teachers in a university. …………

b) Someone who has a college degree. ……….

c) The head of the school. ……….

d) Someone who studies at primary or secondary school. ……….

e) The most important teacher in a university department. ……….

f) Someone who teaches one student or a very small class. ……….

g) Someone in the same class as yourself. ……….

h) Someone who trains a sports team. ……….

i) Someone who writes the question papers of an examination. .…….

j) Someone who drives but has not yet passed a driving test. ……….

4.Complete each sentence a) to j) with one of the endings 1) to 10). Use each ending once only.

a) Joe was absent most of the time….. b) Sue wanted to do the experiment for herself….. c) James was a very gifted pupil….. d) Lucy couldn’t find a duster to clean the board….. e) Dave could pick up languages very easily….. f) Brenda wanted to live space for correction….. g) Tony didn’t pay attention in class….. h) Helen was educated at home by her parents….. i) Brian attended evening classes in photography….. j) Cathy wanted to get into university…..

1) ….. so he didn’t have any problems passing his exams.

2) ….. so he started talking in French after only a few days.

3) ….. so she had to study for the entrance examinations.

4) ….. so his name was removed from the register.

5) ….. so he didn’t go out with his friends much during the week.

6) …… so she wrote her answers in the corner.

7) ….. so she didn’t have many friends of her own age.

8) ….. so she wrote everything on alternate lines.

9) ….. so she went to the science laboratory.

10) ….. so he could never remember what the teacher said.

5. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence.

a) Helen’s parents were very pleased when they read her school…..

A) report B) papers C) diploma D) account

b) Martin has quite a good ….. of physics.

A) result B) pass C) understanding D) head

c) In Britain, children start ….. school at the age of five.

A) kindergarten B) secondary C) nursery D) primary

d) Edward has a ….. in French from Leeds University.

A) certificate B) degree C) mark D) paper

e) My favourite ….. at school was history.

A) topic B) class C) theme D) subject

f) It’s time for break. The bell has …..

A) gone off B) struck C) rung D) sounded

g) Our English teacher ….. us some difficult exercises for homework.

A) set B) put C) obliged D) made

h) before you begin the exam paper, always read the ….. carefully.

A) orders B) instructions C) rules D) answers

i) If you want to pass the examination, you must study …..

A) hardly B) enough C) thoroughly D) rather

j) Most students have quite a good sense of their own …..

A) grasp B) ability C) idea D) information

6.Use the word in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

School report Margaret started English Literature this term, and I am afraid that her (1)….. to the subject has not been entirely (2)….. . She has not shown much enthusiasm, and does not always pay (3)….. in class. Her assignments are often (4)….., because she is so untidy, and because of her (5)….. to check her work thoroughly. She failed to do any (6)….. before the end of term test, and had poor results. She seems to have the (7)….. idea that she can succeed without studying. She had also had many (8)….. and has frequently arrived late for class. This has resulted in several severe (9)….. . Although Margaret is a (10)….. student in some respects, she has not had a satisfactory term. INTRODUCE SUCCESS ATTEND READ FAIL REVISE MISTAKE ABSENT PUNISH GIFT  

7.Complete each sentence with a form of do, makeortake.

a) Have you ….. Exercise Three yet?

b) I can’t come this afternoon. I’m ….. an English exam.

c) Jack has ….. very well this term.

d) I’m afraid that you haven’t ….. any progress.

e) Sue didn’t know the answer, so she ….. a guess.

f) You all look tired. Let’s ….. a break.

g) This is a good composition, but you have….. a lot of errors.

h) I think you should ….. yourself more seriously.

i) The teacher gave a lecture, and the class ….. notes.

j) Paul finds maths difficult, but he ….. his best.

8.Complete each sentence with a word beginning as shown. Each space represents one letter.

a) Charles has a good k_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of he subject.

b) These children are badly behaved! They need more d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

c) Everyone agrees that a good e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is important.

d) If you don’t know a word, look it up in your d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

e) Maths is easy if you are allowed to use a c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

f) Keith spent four years studying at u _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

g) Some apes seem to have as much i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as humans!

h) I find listening c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ tests rather difficult.

i) At the age of eleven I went to s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ school.

j) I enjoyed doing e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the laboratory.

9. Complete each sentence with one word.

a) If you have a problem, put …… your hand.

b) Please pay attention …… what your teacher says.

c) Mary has a degree … … civil engineering.

d) David was punished ……throwing chalk at the teacher.

e) I was very good ……maths when I was at school.

f) What’s the answer if you multiply 18……16?

g) We had to write a composition ……’Our ideal school’.

h) Please write this …… your exercise books.

i) You might not understand things even if you learn them……heart.

j) When Sue visited Italy, she soon picked ……the language.

10. Decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

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