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What degree of success can you expect from the Open University?

The short answer is “a lot”. BA degrees from the Open University carry the same value as those from “Oxbridge or any redbrick university. The main difference is that you learn at home, not at a full-time college.

Once you’ve earned your degree, you’ll be much more valuable to an employer, either current or future. Plus, of course, you will have the self-satisfaction of having reached a personal-goal and you will probably have discovered new things about yourself.

What does studying for an OU degree mean?

To be honest, it means a great deal of hard work. But don’t be discouraged. since it was started, some fifteen years ago, over 65,000 people have been awarded degrees. The subjects covered range through arts, social sciences, education, mathematics, science and technology.

The university genuinely is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your background is, not do you need ’O’ or ‘A’ levels.

Everyone is equal at the OU and previous academic achievements are not necessary. All we ask is that you are 21 years old or older and that, you live in the UK.

Distance Teaching” – how does it work?

The majority of your course will come through the post-specially commissioned, high quality teaching material to help you study at home. There are TV and radio broadcasts and home experiment kits for some of the subjects.

At the OU, we’ve gained a worldwide reputation for our advanced “distanced teaching ” methods. Its experience which we know will be of great value to you.

Would I ever have personal tuition?

Of course you would. There are over 5,000 part-time tutors around the country and one will be assigned to you.

The OU also has local study centres and a national network of fully staffed regional offices. Some courses even have a one-week residential summer school.

How many? How long? How much?

In all there are 138 courses from which you can choose, each of one running from February until November. On passing you are awarded a ‘credit’. To achieve your degree you must gain six credits in all.

The fees vary but all are subsidized. There are easy payment methods available and grants could be provided for those on a low income or unemployed.

How successful have others been?

People study for different reasons. Some purely for the broadening of their knowledge or the developing of their minds: others because they wish to further their career. More than half of our graduates have reported a significant career benefit since gaining their degree.

And practically everyone acknowledges the new confidence and awareness the OU study experience has given them. You could start to share that reward this year. Place on the courses are limited and it’s essentially first come, first come, first served.

So send the coupon for the FREE Guide for Applicants to: The Open University PO Box 48, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AB.

Task 2.

a)Study the questions and the information given above.

b) Ask questions for receiving information about all other types of universities you know in Britain. Work in pairs.

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