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What questions will you ask the participants of “What? Where? When? A famous TV programme?

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Let’s talk about modern means of communication. How do people communicate today?

When we think about modern means of communication we cannot understand how people who lived some fifty years ago were able to keep in touch. Nowadays, with a mouse in one hand and a mobile phone in the other one, we cannot imagine human contacts without modern technology devices.

Thanks to the new technologies people are communicating more than ever before. Modern means of communication have made the distance between people unimportant.

Unlike 20 years ago, we usually call someone, not visit. This traditional way of keeping in touch has suffered a lot as people choose quicker and easier phone calls. Mobile phones are PORTABLE and let us contact others wherever they and we are. Furthermore, mobile phones offer the possibility of texting. Text messaging is the most convenient and the cheapest form of communication when we need to pass a quick note containing only a few words. Emails have replaced letters and postcards almost completely. People use video chats or chat –rooms to keep in touch with the families and friends that live abroad. Thanks to them they can talk for free and without time limits.

Is there any means of communication you can’t live without? Why (not)?

I wouldn’t say – I can’t live without any means of communication. To tell you the truth we should have rest from any form of communication. But I can’t imagine my everyday life without the Internet.

The Internet is a great source of information and entertainment for many people. It has made possible new forms of social interaction and has become a major source of leisure.

Thanks to it I have got an opportunity to access news, documents, images, sounds, video and games, to make friends, to book tickets and to purchase different things online. There are a lot of different sites for students, gardeners, businessmen, engineers, for people who are fond of music, cinema, theatre, sports and even for disabled people. What is more, the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate. Sending electronic text messages is much faster and easier than writing letters. People use e-mail to stay in touch with friends worldwide.

What questions will you ask the participants of “What? Where? When? A famous TV programme?

1. When and where did the history of the Internet begin?

2. Why was the Internet designed?

3. What was the first Microsoft operating system that dominated the PC market?

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