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Give your friend advice on how to convince his/her parents of necessity of a mobile phone for every teenager.

Letís talk about modern means of communication. How do people communicate today?

To begin with, Iíd like to say that when we think about modern means of communication we can≠not understand how people who lived some fifty years ago were able to keep in touch.Nowadays, with a mouse in one hand and a mobile phone in the other one, we cannot imagine human con≠tacts without modern technology devices. So, how do people communicate today?

Thanks to the new technologies people are communicating more than ever before. Modern means of communication have made the distance between people unimportant.

Unlike 20 years ago, we usually call someone, not visit. This traditional way of keeping in touch has suffered a lot as people choose quicker and easier phone calls. Mobile phones are port≠able and let us contact others wherever they and we are. Fur≠thermore, mobile phones offer the possibility of texting. Text messaging is the most convenient and the cheapest form of communication when we need to pass a quick note containing only a few words.

Emails have replaced letters and postcards almost com≠pletely. People prefer emails, which are quicker to write and send, and more sure to reach the addressee.

Business people still use fax and telegram in offices, but they have started creating special websites for communicating with partners. Video conferences are often used and business people do not need to travel to remote places.

To keep in touch with our families and friends that live abroad we use video chats, chat-rooms and instant messaging.Thanks to them we can talk with our relatives for free and with≠out time limits.

All in all, it is mostly the Internet and mobile phones that we use to communicate.

Is there any means of communication you canít live without?

Well, I canít do without my computer and the internet in particular. Itís not a secret that the net has changed the reality, people around the world meet and connect on-line and the world around us seems smaller. Can you see how many opportunities the internet opens before us? I can get information by searching the Web, send and receive e-mails, chat or exchange messages with my friends, get or exchange software and files. Sometimes I download music and watch films. The internet helps me with my homework when I need some topics or the meaning of the words. I also get multimedia Ė graphics and video for presentations.


What would you like to know about your friendís new mobile phone?

  1. Your telephone is expensive, isnít it? 2. What company produces such phones?
  1. Have you chosen the mobile phone for your comfort or your pleasure?
  2. What functions does your mobile phone have? 5. What functions are important for you?


Give your friend advice on how to convince his/her parents of necessity of a mobile phone for every teenager.

Itís true that some parents donít want to buy mobile phones for their children because they find more disadvantages than advantages in using them.

So if you want to convince your parents of the necessity of a mobile phone try to tell them that mobile phones have changed peopleís lives. They give us an opportunity to stay in touch and to be reachable everywhere. Thanks to your mobile phone you can access people you need to speak to. If you need help, you just call your parents and they rush to help you. So you feel much safer with your mobile phone. If you have a meeting or you are late, you can send an SMS with your excuses. Itís very fast and convenient. What is more, with the help of your mobile phone you can never miss anything important: send and receive photos and video, play games, listen to music and access the Internet. You can use the Weather Channel to figure out what to wear. You donít have to wear a watch, because your phone shows the time.

In the end you should tell your parents that a mobile phone is a very useful gadget because it gives us the freedom of movement and makes communication much easier. Your parents will feel better when they know where you are, what you are doing at the moment as they can contact you any time they like and they wonít worry about you.

Parents think that the internet influences negatively the development of teenagersí thinking skills. Children, on the contrary, believe that itís impossible to imagine our modern world without the internet. What is your point of view?

I believe that the Internet is a great source of information and entertainment for many people. It has made possible new forms of social interaction and has become a major source of leisure. Personally, I can't imagine my life without the Internet as it helps me study. For example, it helps me prepare reports and create beautiful presentations Thanks to it, I have an opportunity to access news, documents, images, sounds, video, games and sports reports, to make friends. There are a lot of different sites for pupils, students, gardeners, engineers, bankers, people who are fond of music, cinema, sports and even for disabled people. What is more, the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate. Sending electronic text messages is much faster and easier than writing letters. People use e-mail to stay in touch with friends worldwide. However, my parents think that the Internet has too many disadvantages. They are sure that spending much time in front of the screen becomes a kind of obsession. They say that pupils have no time to read books or to communicate with real friends. My mum is convinced that I move less, speak less and even think less. She says that such way of life does much harm to my health. Besides, my dad says there is a lot of rubbish online and I can't always trust what I read on the web. To sum up, the Internet becomes dangerous when it is misused. But if it is used wisely and mod≠erately, it helps you work, study or entertain and saves plenty of time.


Card Ļ18

  1. Letís talk about a healthy way of life. What influences a personís health?

Scientists say that many factors influence peopleís health. They are a way of life, healthy eating and drinking, environment and heredity. Health has become a major concern now. People move less, they hardly do any physical exercises because they are busy or spend too much time in front of TV screens or monitors of their computers. So lack of activity is one of the biggest problems.

People donít choose their food carefully, eat a lot of fast food and drink fizzy drinks and this leads to obesity.

Everybody knows that sleep is food for the brain. Sleeping little can be harmful. You can kook bad, feel bad and work poorly. If pupils donít sleep enough, they feel tired, sleepy, inattentive and get bad marks at school.

I canít but mention that bad habits destroy our health mostly. Cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals. Smoking influences different people in a different way. More than 40 diseases are associated with smoking. According to the statistics smoking kills 5 million people a year. Itís necessary to mention that alcohol and drugs are harmful for peopleís health, too.

In conclusion I would like to say, that people can do nothing about their heredity and environment where they live, but they can change their ways of lives and eating and drinking habits. There are four simple elements people have to bring into their life. These are a diet, exercises, relaxation and sleep.


  1. Is home-made food better than fast food? Why?

It goes without saying that home-made food is more useful and healthy because it gives us nutrients, vitamins, minerals and includes cereals, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, sea products, nuts, beans. As for fast food, it lacks these products and is highly unhealthy as it is cooked from high fat meat, refined drains, sugar and fats. It doesnít provide any benefits to the body and the harm it causes to the health is numerous.


  1. What questions would you ask a dietitian?
    1. What does a dietitian basically do?

2. Why is fast food dangerous for our health?

3. Can you give us any advice on what we shouldnít eat?

4. Nowadays many teenagers are overweight, arenít they?


  1. What can you advise a person who wants to loose weight?

First of all you should pay attention to what you eat. You food must include cereals, fruit, vegetables, nuts and some dairy products. This kind of diet will help you keep your body under control. Try to eat small portions, but 5 or 6 times a day. Eat less salt and drink plenty of water.

Donít forget that physical activity is a good way of using extra calories and helps control our

weight as well.

I hope if you follow these pieces of advice you will be slim and fit.


  1. What health problems does fast food lead to? What should you do to avoid them?

Though fast food is tasty, delicious and smells nice it can cause some diseases.

Firstly, if you eat fast food very often, you will easily become overweight and even obese, and this elevates the risk of diabetes and cancer. It happens because there are more calories there than in traditional food. It simply kills appetite control systems and makes us eat more than we normally would.

Secondly, fast food is usually high in fat and cholesterol. Too much cholesterol leads to heart diseases.

Thirdly, fast food is full of chemical additives such as artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives. So, there is a risk of food poisoning.

As experts say , if your food includes hamburgers, chips, hot-dogs, pizzas and fizzy drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Sprite and others, you are facing a serious problem threatening your health. If you want to avoid these problems you should make the right choice and eat less fast food and eat more fruit and vegetables.

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