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Towns and cities natural attractions and features


Lead-in. 1 a). Skim the following texts. What unites them? What question is answered?

►“A few years ago I was going through the process of splitting up with my first serious girlfriend… I realized that I was dangerously close to losing my head. I biked over to my dad’s flat and emotionally blackmailed him into lending me enough cash to leave the country. On that trip I learned something very important. Escape through travel works. Almost from the moment I boardedmy flight, life in England became meaningless. Seat-belt signs lit up, problems switched off. Broken armrests took precedence over broken hearts”. – A. Garland “The Beach.”

►“I grew up pretty sheltered so wanted to see more of the world after I graduated college. After my first backpacking adventure I was hooked! Now I try to go on at least one big trip every year.” – Michael

►“To re-evaluate direction in life, make a career break, learn about the world and become better global citizens, bond as a family & “roadschool” the kids, and experience a stripped-down nomadic life to greater appreciate our regular non-travelling lives.” – Sara Lavender Smith

►“I have an insatiable appetite for new experiences – aka, I’m easily bored and have a short attention span. It is not enough for me to see pictures of monuments, natural wonders and new landscapes. I want to touch, breathe, smell, feel everything there is to experience in the world. I love how it opens my mind and how nothing is ever quite as it looked in the picture. I love new people too, and their stories.” – Penny.

Render the meaning of the words and expressions in bold from the context. Use dictionaries to check.

1b) How would you answer the same question? Work with a partner: have you ever travelled for any of these reasons?

* to escape boredom * to heal a broken heart * to broaden your experience of the world * to learn languages * to get a suntan * to live out your dreams * to take a break from your career/study * to visit historical sites or travel along the historical route * to raise money for charity

2a) Complete the following questions with the words and expressions below:

A) ancestry

B) appeals

C) avoid

D) driven

E) exposed

F) gain

G) hectic

H) insatiable

I) recharge

J) rewarding

K) rigid

L) seek

M) serene

N) surroundings

1. What type of traveller do you think you are (adventure traveler, authentic traveler, cultural heritage traveler, rejuvenator, luxury traveler, etc.)? What do you ______ from your trips?

2. What _______ to you in travelling abroad?

3. Have you ever felt an ________ need to go to some place? Did you live your dream?

4. While travelling do you try to _______ the unknown or you are lured by things you’ve never seen before?

5. Some people _______ comfort in travelling, others believe that even a short journey is not ________ without adventure and some risk. What ‘party’ do you support and why?

6. Do you tend to make ________ plans for your trips and stick to them?

7. Do you happen to know anyone who needs to _______, or, in other words, to rejuvenate?

8. Do you dream to travel to _______ places to enjoy the natural beauty and peacefulness or ______ places appeal to you more?

9. Do you know anyone who is interested in their _______ and travels to the places connected with their family’s history?

10. How do you think your understanding of life can change after a trip when you’ve been ________ to the beauty, either natural or cultural?

11. What do you think backpackers are ________ by when they set out on a journey?

12. How do you feel when you return to familiar _________?


a) Look at the pictures below. Do you know these famous tourist attractions? Where are they situated (in what country, part of the world)?

a. b. c. d.
e. f. g. h.
i. b) What type of attraction is each one – choose from the list: historical monument theme park temple castle palace festival beach castle ski resort cathedral natural geographical feature  

c) Think about tourist destinations. Give examples of:

towns and cities natural attractions and features

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