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Put the following rig components and stages in right rigging up order.




Read the following texts and match them with above-mentioned rig components and rigging up stages. Fill in the chart.



Rig component Description Function Additional information

Part II. Rig Systems

A rotary rig's main job is to make hole. To make hole, the drilling crew places a bit on bottom, then the driller rotates it and pumps drilling mud to it. A rig needs a multitude of equipment to make these operations happen. A first look at all the gear on a drilling rig can over­whelm you. It is, however, easy to un­derstand a rig's components if you divide them into systems: power, hoist­ing, rotating,and circulating.

1. Power system  
2. Hoisting system


Diesel engine 1 Drawworks

Diesel engine 2 Cathead

Diesel engine 3 Blocks and drilling lines

4. Circulating system
3. Rotating system   ting system
Electric motors

Swivel Drilling mud

Kelly Mud pits

Rotary table Mud pumps

Top drive Rotary hose

Drill pipe Return line

Drill bit Shale shaker


1. Read the text “Power system” and fill in the missing words from the box. There is one extra word.

Power system

Without 1. power nothing on a rig operates. Machinery must have an energy source to make it go. On virtually every drilling rig, the power comes from internal-combustion engines, which are called prime movers. Further, they often use diesel 2. . Because of the way diesel engines operate, they deliver more turning force, or torque, than gasoline engines. As a result, many industries, including the 3. _industry, use diesels.

A 4. may need from two to four prime movers, depending on its size. The bigger the rig, the deeper it can drill and the more power it needs. Thus, big rigs have three or four prime movers. Together, they develop 4,500 horsepower (about 3,300 kilowatts) or more. In comparison, a powerful car engine may put out only 300 horsepower (220 kilowatts) or so; most develop even less.

This power must 5. to the rig's components to make them work. For example, at the same time as the rotary table needs power to turn the bit, the mud pump needs power to 6. drilling mud. What is more, to provide maximum power to a component, the 7. must also be able to combine the power of two or more engines. Two common methods transfer power on today's rigs and allow the driller to combine engine power: mechanical transmission and electrical transmission.

transfer; mix; drilling; fuelt; circulate; driller; rig; power


(Baker R. “A Primer of Oil Well Drilling”, 2001, Austin, Texas)

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