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Match the words in the left column with the definitions in the right one.


1. traveling block A. a wire rope made up of a number of strands wound around a steel core, used to lift or lower drill pipe
2. crown block B. a shallow cased hole close to the rotary table. When making up a string, each single is stood here so that it can be connected quickly and easily to the kelly
3. derrick C. a device that has several independently mounted sheaves or pulleys and used to lift and lower elevators
4. swivel D. a piece of equipment designed to mix and prepare drilling mud.
5. elevator E. a piece of equipment used to transfer rotary motion through a master bushing to the kelly, to drillpipe and, eventually, to the drill bit
6. drill line F. a piece of equipment used to prevent the rotary motion of the kelly (or drill string) from being transferred to the drilling line
7. shale shaker G. a device on the top of the derrick that provides means of taking drill line from the hoisting drum to the travelling block
8. kelly bushing H. a double or a triple, two or three joints connected together.
9. rotary table I. a structure above the well used for drilling string tripping, location of stands and protection of drilling crew against wind and precipitation.
10. mousehole J. a device that is attached to the bails of the traveling block and used to grip joints
  K. the part of the drive assembly which transmits motion to the kelly and permits the kelly to move vertically while it is rotating or still.

Describe the function of the following elements, using the words given in the right column.

1. kelly motion, turntable, drill, transfer, rotary, sting, pipe
2. mud pit drilling mud, recycle, mix, pit
3. derrick hold, construction, drilling, equipment, support
4. swivel rotate, string, make, seal, let, hole, handle
5. drill bit circulating, during, destroy, rock, element, rotation
6. hose pump, drilling, connect, equipment
7. bottom hole well, drill, point, which
8. blowout preventer emergency, shut in, danger, oil, gas, well, device, blowout, when
9. pump mud, suck, mud pit, drilling, apparatus

State whether the following sentences are true or false. Correct the false ones.

1. The kelly is hexagonal. The reason for that is to make it possible for the rotary table to turn the kelly without slipping.

2. Cement job is performed only when quality of casing is poor.

3. Drill pipe is hollow. The reason for this is to make it possible for the mud to pass through it.

4. Elevator is a device for lifting derrickman to the monkey board.

5. Drilling crew members use scratchers to scratch each other and thus clean themselves of oil.

6. Doghouse is a room where security guard and patrol dog live.

7. Drilling cuttings are washed out to the surface with drilling mud made of clay and water.

8. Shale shaker is used for separating fluid from drilling cuttings.

9. Cuttings in a well mean cracks on wellbore walls.

10.Conductor is a person who knows everything at the drilling site. He is in charge of coordinating work of drilling crews.


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