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Put the verbs in brackets into one of the above forms, using the present continuous wherever possible.

1 Where you (go) for your holidays? ~ I (go) to Norway. ~What you (do) there? ~ I (fish).

2 Where you (go) this evening? ~ I (not go) anywhere. I (stay) at home. I (write) some letters.

3 Take an umbrella; it (rain).

4 How long you (stay) in this country? (Have you decided to stay?) ~Another month. I (go) home at the end of the month. ~ What you (do) then? ~ I (try) to get a job.

5 I (dye) these curtains. ~ You (do) it yourself, or (have) it done? ~ I (have) it done. Who should I take them to?

6 I've seen the film, now I (read) the book. I've just got a copy from the library (I haven't started the book yet.)

7 You (do) anything next weekend? ~Yes, my nephews (come) and I (show) them round London. ~ You (take) them to the theatre? {Have you booked seats?) ~ No, they're too young for that. I (take) them to the zoo.

8 We (start) early tomorrow. We (go) to Ben Nevis. ~ You (climb) Ben Nevis? Not me. Tom (climb) it. I (sit) at the bottom and (do) some sketching.

9 Uncle: I hear you (go) to the regatta tomorrow. You (sail) in it?
Niece: No, but we (take) our cameras. We (try) to photograph the winning yachts.

10 You (not ask) your boss to give you a fire in your office? ~
It isn't worth while. I (leave) at the end of the week. ~ Really? And what you (do) then? You (have) a holiday? No, I (start) another job the following Monday.

11 I hear you've bought a caravan. You (use) it for your holidays? ~ No, I (live) in it. I (start) moving my things next week. ~ What you (do) with your house? ~ I (sell) it to the man who sold me the caravan. He (get) married next month.

12 Mrs Jones (go) to hospital. She (have) her appendix out. ~ Who (look) after the children? ~ Her sister (come) down from Scotland.

13 He isn't happy at his boarding school. I (send) him to a day school. ~ Have you decided on the other school? ~ No, but I (see) (have an appointment with) the headmaster of the Park School this afternoon. I'll probably send him there.

14 Tom (arrive) tomorrow. ~ He (spend) the weekend here or (catch) the night train back as usual? ~

He (spend) the weekend. He (give) a lecture on Friday and (attend) a big reception on Saturday.

15 He (bring) his wife with him? (Has he arranged to bring his wife?) Yes. She (do) some shopping while he (give) his lecture.

16 I've just arranged to do a part-time job. I (start) on Monday. ~ What you (do) the rest of the time?~ I (study).

17 You (go) abroad for your holiday?- Well, I (get) a holiday job. I (go) to an agent's on Saturday to find out about it. I (ask) for a job abroad; but of course they may all be taken. ~You might get a job picking grapes. Jack (join) a camp in the South of France—his university arranged it—and they all (pick) grapes.

18 I (buy) a new coat. The weather report says that it (be) very cold.

19 Ann has won a car in a competition but she can't drive.
Tom: What you (do) with the car? You (sell) it?
Ann: No, I (learn) to drive. I (have) my first lesson next Monday.

20 I hear you've bought a new house. ~Yes. I (move) in next week. ~
You (have) a house warming party? ~Not just yet. I (paint) the house first. The paintwork's terrible.

21 You (have) it done? (Have you arranged to have it done?) ~ No, I (do) it myself. I (use) that non-drip paint so it shouldn't be too difficult. And the family (help), of course. ~What about ladders? ~Oh, I've fixed that. I (hire) from the local do-it-yourself shop.

22 I (do) a lot of work in the garden, too. I (plant) 20 apple trees and (make) a lawn in front of the house. ~
All that digging will take years. You (give) up your job?

23 I (get) some help with the garden. (7 have arranged this.) Two men (start) work on the hedge on Friday and a lawn expert (come) on Monday to advise me about the lawn.

24 The employers (meet) the strikers again tomorrow. (This has been arranged.) ~ They just (repeat) what they said today? Or they (climb) down? ~ I believe that they (offer) a 10 per cent rise plus a productivity bonus.

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