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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1 Tom: Where you (go) for your next holiday? ( Where have you arranged to go?)
Ann: I don't know yet but we probably (go) to Spain.

2 We (have) a drink with Peter tonight. (He has invited us.) It's his last night; he (leave) tomorrow.

3 Ann: Do you think we (see) Bill tomorrow?
Mary: I hope so. He probably (look) in on his way to the airport.

4 I (see) my bank manager tomorrow. (7 have arranged this.) I'm going to ask him for a loan but I expect he (refuse).

5 I (know) the result tomorrow. As soon as I hear, I (tell) you.

6 Jack's mother: Jack (be) ready in a moment. He is just finishing breakfast.

Jack's father: If I wait for him any longer I (miss) my train. I think I (walk) on; he probably (catch) me up.

7 I probably (come) to London some time next month. I (give) you a ring nearer the time and tell you when I (come), {when I have decided/arranged to come)

8 Hotel Porter: You (get) a parking ticket if you leave your car there, sir. If you (stay) the night (have arranged to stay) you (have to) put it in the hotel garage.
Tourist: All right. I (move) it as soon as I've arranged about a room.

9 Ann: I've scorched Bill's shirt. Whatever he (say)?
Mary: Oh, he (not mind). He just (buy) another shirt. He has plenty of money.

10 Peter: We'd better leave a message for Jack. Otherwise he (not know) where we've gone.
George: All right. I (leave) a note on his table.

11 Jack: I don't want to get married. I never (get) married.
Mother: You think that now. But one day you (meet) a girl and you (fall) in love.

12 Tom: I (go) to York tomorrow. (/ have arranged to go.)
Ann: You (come) back the same day? (Have you arranged to come back?)
No. I probably (have) to spend the night there.

13 Peter: You (walk) home? (Have you decided to walk?)
Andrew: Yes. It's too late for a bus.

Peter: But it's pouring. You (get) soaked! Here, take this umbrella.
Andrew: Thanks very much. I (bring) it back tomorrow.

14 Jack: I (have) another window put in. (I have arranged this.) They (start) work on it tomorrow. Ann: That (make) the room much brighter.

15 You (take) any exams this term? (Have you decided to take an exam?) ~ Yes, I (take) an English exam at the end of the month. ~ Do you think you (pass)? ~I don't know. If I don't, I (take) it again at the end of next term.

16 Where you (meet) Tom? (Where have you arranged to meet him?) ~
We (meet) at Covent Garden. He (take) me to see The Magic Flute.

17 What you (do) next weekend? ( What plans have you made?) ~It depends on the weather. If it's fine we (go) somewhere in the car; if it's wet we probably (stay) at home.

18 When Jack (arrive)? ( When did he say he 'd arrive?) ~ Some time this evening. ~ And how he (get) here? (How has he arranged to travel?) ~ I don't know yet. I suppose he (come) by car.

19 What they (do) for their holidays? (Have they decided to do?) ~They (go) camping. ~

And what (happen) to their dog? (What plans have they made for the dog?) ~ They (take) the dog with them. I think he (enjoy) it more than they will.

20 Don't make a sound or you (wake) the baby; and then he (not get) to sleep again.

21 Mary: Don't forget that Tom's four boys (spend) the weekend here.
I don't know how we (manage) with four boys under our feet in this small house.

Jack: I have an idea. We (turn) the attic into a playroom. Then they (be able) to play trains without tripping anyone up.

22 Tom: Peter's just phoned to say that he (catch) (has arranged to catch) the 8.10 train and (be) here by 9.00.

23 When George (come) out of hospital? (What date has been fixed?) ~ I don't know. They (move) him (have arranged to move) to the County Hospital next week so I (have) to ask them about coming out dates.

24 I (ring) Peter tonight. (We have arranged this.) I (ask) him to ring you?~ No, don't bother. I (be) away most of the week. I (write) to him. (not a previous decision)

25 Don't worry about meals tomorrow. Everything's been arranged. (have) breakfast on the train, we (lunch) with the manager—he (stand) us lunch—and the Smiths (give) us dinner after the show.

26 Tom (who has just dropped his key on the path): Never mind; Mary's at home. She (let) us in and we (find) the key tomorrow when it's light.

27 George and Lucy (get) married next week. You (go) to the wedding? ~ No, I wasn't invited. They (have) a big wedding?

28 I (wait) for you? ~ No, don't bother. This (take) a long time. I'm sure, and I don't want you to miss your train.

29 Tom, the host: What you (have), Paul? Paul: I (have) the grilled steak, please.
Tom: And I (have) roast duck. (He gives his orders to the waiter and then studies the wine list.) Hm. You (have) steak and I (have) duck. We (have) some red wine.

30 Jack: I (give) you a lift to work tomorrow if you like.
Tom: Have you borrowed a car? Jack. No, I've just bought one. I (collect) it this afternoon.

31 Ann: Peter has set his alarm clock for 5 a.m. He (get) up very early, isn't he?

Mother: Early! Do you know what (happen)? The alarm bell (ring).
Peter (sleep) through it and he (come) down to breakfast at the usual time or a little later.

32 Peter: I (be) promoted next week. Mr Jones (leave) and I (take) over the department. (These arrangements have already been made.)
Ann: At this rate you soon (be) a director, and then you (spend) two hours a day on business lunches and (lose) your figure.

33 Tom: I (fly) to New York next week. (This has been arranged.)
Jack: You (take) your wife with you?

Tom: No. I know that if I take her she (spend) all her time and most of my money in the New York shops.

34 Mary: Jack and I (go) out tonight. We (have) dinner at the Festival Hall and (go) to a concert afterwards.

Ann: And what about the children? I (come) and babysit if you like.
Mary: Oh, my neighbour (come) in to sit with them. But thank you for offering, Ann. I (ask) you next time.

35 Nadia: I see that Amadeus (come) to our local cinema next week.
George: Oh, good. We (go) and see it together on Monday night?
Nadia. Yes, let's. I (get) the book out of the library and then I (be able) to compare the book and the film.
George: If you do that out loud during the film I (not pay) for your supper afterwards.

36 Ann (reading newspaper): It says here that Smith's (open) their new department next week, and that they (have) a sale to give it a good start. I think I (look) in on Monday at lunchtime.
Mary: Good idea! I (come) too.

Peter (entering room): Where you girls (have) lunch today?
Mary: We (miss) lunch. We (go) to a sale instead.


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