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B. Complete these sentences with the verbs from the box. Use a good dictionary to help you.


Unit 1 Careers

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Starting up

A. Discuss these questions.

1.Are you ambitious? Why or why not?

2.Do you have a career plan? Where do you want to be in 10 years' time?

3.Which of the following would you prefer to do?

a)Work for one company during your career

b)Work for several different companies

c)Work for yourself


B. Which of the following areas do you work in (or would you like to work in)? Why?

1. Sales and marketing 4. Administration and personnel

2. Finance 5. Production

3. Management 6. Research and development (R&D)

7. IT Department

C. What should you do to get ahead in your career? Choose the four most important tips from the list below.

1.Change companies often

2.Use charm and sex appeal with your superiors

3.Attend all meetings

4.Go to your company's social functions

5.Be energetic and enthusiastic at all times

6.Be the last to leave work every day

7.Find an experienced person to give you help and advice

8.Study for extra qualifications in your free time



(Career Moves)

A. The phrases below all include the word career. Match them to their correct meanings. Use a good dictionary to help you.

career ladder a) something you do in order to progress in your job
career move b) period of time away from your job to, for
career break example, look after your children
career plan c) series of levels that lead to better and better jobs
ñareer opportunities d) chances to start/improve your career
  e) ideas you have for your future career

B. Complete these sentences with the verbs from the box. Use a good dictionary to help you.

make climb take have decide offer

1.Employees in large multinationals....................excellent career opportunities if they are willing to travel.

2.Some people..................a career break to do something adventurous like sailing round the world or going trekking in India.

3.One way to.................. a career move is to join a small but rapidly growing company.

4.In some companies it can take years to..................the career ladder and reach senior management level.

5.Certain companies.................. career opportunities to the long-term unemployed or to people without formal qualifications.

6.Ambitious people often.................. on a career plan while they are still at school or university.


C. Look at the groups of words below. Cross out the noun or noun phrase which doesn't go with the verb in each group.

make a fortune progress a living a training course do research a mistake a job your best  
get progress a promotion the sack a nine-to-five job take a pension time off early retirement a break
earn a bonus a part-time job money 40 thousand work flexitime anti-social hours overtime an office job

• being on time • having ambition • working hard • getting on with people (being friendly) • being adaptable (open to new ideas) • knowing about computers • having a sense of humour • looking smart

A. In your opinion, which three qualities below are the most important for a successful career in business?


(Female Train Drivers)

A. Are certain careers more suitable for women than for men? Which do you consider a) for women only? b) for men only? c) for either? Include other careers.


• soldier • police officer • car mechanic • nurse • chef • pilot • teacher • hairdresser • politician


MORE than 1,400 readers of Cosmopolitan have applied to become a London Tube train driver. London Underground described the response to its single advert in this month's issue as 'exceptional'.

Successful applicants will have to get out of bed for regular 4.45 a.m. starts, but the £27,650 salary and up to eight weeks' holiday may prove sufficient compensation.

Lorraine Candy, editor of Cosmo, said the interest her readers had shown demonstrated that young women were not bound by tradition­al career patterns.

'It's always been a classic thing for boys to want to be train drivers. Now we're seeing that girls can do it too,' she said.

'I don't think the job is boring or unsexy and I'm sure the passengers couldn't care less whether the train is being driven by a man or a woman - as long as it's on time.'

The ability to break bad news to travellers more sympathetically is one reason London Underground is keen to increase its number of female drivers from 100 - just three percent of driving staff.


From the Daily Telegraph

Date: 2016-01-14; view: 5378

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