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Terms of references

I was asked by my Boss to write this report to identify the problem and explain my findings about this business idea of UK Study Tours to expand its service into other languages in our web page.



I have made the analysis of three years 2011, 2012 and 2013 to identify which country is the most reliable by monitoring the process of changing of visits in each country. I took the information from two sites: www.statistics.gov.uk and www.visitbritain.org .

The format of data is presented with Excel program and downloaded from Travelpac.


Main Body

According to Travelpac, there are 37 countries which have visited the UK in 2011, 2012 and 2013. I have chosen 4 countries which have the biggest number of expenditures (above 50% of all expenditures). The countries are: Italy, France, Germany and the USA. I have made an average of expenditures per night of these 4 countries and this research shown that the USA has the biggest number - 300 pounds. Mean does not have outliers and it is not so sensitive to changes. That is why it is more reliable that the mean.

The most reliable country is France, because it has the similar median of expenditures per night.

The USA has very high standard deviation and that is why this country is not reliable and not in trust. As I have already said, the most reliable country is France (it has the lowest standard deviation). As for quartiles, I am going to use the trend of Q1 because it has R more than 0.5. And future forecasting can be organised with trend of Q1.


1. UK Study Tours can use French language for the web page because, according to my research, France is the most reliable country

2. UK Study Tours can implement special questionnaire for Italy, The USA and Germany to make a decision about languages


I think that UK Study Tours should spend money on researches to be more confident and to get more profit in the future.



Task 4


In this task I am going to describe using of software-generated information to make decisions in an organisation.

Appropriate information processing tools

Two definitions of the term Management Information System (MIS) are shown below.

‘A Management Information System (MIS) converts data from internal and external sources into information, and communicates that information in an appropriate form to managers at all levels. This enables them to make timely and effective decisions for planning, directing and controlling the activities for which they are responsible.’ (Lucey T, Management Information Systems)

‘A computer system or related group of systems which collects and presents management information to a business in order to facilitate control.’ (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Computing Technology).

Travel insurance

I have answered some questions to find the best UK’s leading insurer which would be good for all my activities. So, why do we need travel insurance? Well, it can give us peace of mind so we can enjoy holiday knowing that if something goes wrong, we have got cover. (www.comparethemarket.com)

So, the first question was ‘where are you going?’. I have selected “somewhere else”, because I am going to Russia.

The next question was about the amount of trips. I selected single trip (one). Then I had to choose data when I am going and who I want to ensure (just me). After this I covered account details such as email address, first mane and surname. And of course I agreed that I understood the above assumption. That is it. Now I can get quotes and choose the most suitable one for me.

It works like researches through the Internet, which collects all my data and information which I have selected and have chosen, then compares my conditions with offered services and provides them for me to choose the best one.


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