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Task 5. Choose the right answer

1. Small shopkeepers are facing ….. competition from supermarkets.

a) angry b) armed c)bloody d)fierce

2. Small shops can’t hope to ….. the wide choice available in supermarkets

a)compete b)level c)match d) overcome

3. I am sorry, but the book is out of …. .

a)order b)stock c)store d)supply

4. Everything in the supermarket is marked with a price ….. .

a)mark b)notice c)sign d)tag

5. Buy the new …. Of soap now on sale :it is softer than all others.

a)brand b)manufacture c)mark d) model

6. I was … by the wording of the advertisement.

a)misguided b)misled c)mistaken d)misunderstood

7. The goods were displayed so well that you couldn’t …. The temptation to buy.

a)deny b)miss c)resist d)win

8. The salesman talked me … buying a bottle of perfume for my mom.

a)away to b)into c)onto d)up to

9. Everything in the sale has been … to half price.

a)decreased b)diminished c)lowered d)reduced

10. The coat was going for a … , reduced from $100 to $20.

a)flower b)laugh c)smile d)song

11. It is difficult to pay one’s bills when prices keep …. .

a)going b)growing c)raising d)rising

12. They were paying for their television set by … .

a)credits b)deposits c)facilities d)instalments .


Task 6. Price and Value. Choose the right answer.

1. We advise our customers to ..... advantage of our bargain prices during the coming week.

a) get b)have c) make d) take

2. To ..... their fiftieth anniversary the store held a one-week sale.

a) mark b) paint c) sign d) write

3. Prices are very ..... these days.

a) big b) expensive c) high d) increased

4. It is always a good idea to ..... a bill before paying it.

a) add b) calculate c) control d) check

5. The standard of our furniture is excellent, but even so, we charge only ..... prices.

a) just b) moderate c) slight d) small

6. If you want to return the suit, you must bring the ..... with you as proof of purchase.

a) note b) recipe c) receipt d) prescription

7. "Fantastic sale. Everything must be sold ..... of the price!"

a) despite b) in vain c) regardless d) without

8. ..... your change before leaving the shop!

a) Control b) Examine c) Judge d) Test

9. I can't ..... $70 for one book! Haven't you got a cheaper edition?

a) afford b) allow c) dispose d) provide

10. Everything is so expensive these days, it's hardly ..... to save a penny.

a) doubtful b) likely c) possible d) probable

11. ..... where you go, prices are higher than they were last year.

a) Doesn't matter b) In any case c) No importance d) No matter

12. I don't know the ..... price, but it costs about $25.

a) accurate b) exact c) proper d) true

13. Everything in the sale has been ..... to half price.

a) decreased b) diminished c) lowered d) reduced

14. It's difficult to pay one's bills when prices keep ..... .

a) gaining b) growing c) raising d) rising

15. As far as ..... for money is concerned, our product is unbeatable.

a) advantage b) cost c) value d) worth

16. The price of food keeps ..... up.

a) getting b) going c) rising d) setting

17. This shop ..... only $ 1 for a loaf of bread.

a) charges b) costs c) sells d) values

18. The coat was going for a ...... reduced from S 100 to $ 20.

a) flower b) laugh c) smile d) song

19. We have had to raise our prices because of the increase in the cost of..... materials.

a) crude b) natural c) original d) raw


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