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Patrols (Procedure SP-08)


3.2.1 General

The patrols members are appointed by the SSO and could be the crewmembers of the each deck watch.

The main duty of the patrol is to make sure that no illegal boarding take place and that stevedores/subcontractors/etc visitors do not roam on the vessel and particularly in the restricted areas.

The number of the members of each patrol and the frequency of the rounds, depend from the security level in force.



The equipment of each patrol are as follows:

i) Portable mean of communication with OOW/SSO

ii) Flash light

iii) Whistle

iv) Fluorescent yellow vest.

v) Security patrol/watch schedule (Form SEC-15)



The patrols are under the supervisions of the OOW/SSO and during their rounds they patrol all areas indicated to them by the SSO and OOW making sure that:

  • All accesses to the vessel are secured and no illegal boarding took or can take place.
  • Restricted areas / lockers / storehouses / etc secured places are safe
  • Stevedores / subcontractors / etc visitors do not roam out of their working areas.
  • They report whatever they consider as suspicious to the OOW/SSO
  • On completion of each round report to OOW and sign the relevant form SEC-15.



3.3 Cargo / Supplies check procedure (Procedure SP-10)


3.3.1 Cargo Checking

Cargo will be delivered onboard checked either by shippers/port authorities or both. The particulars will be agreed in the D.O.S. signed with P.F.S.O. of each port.

In cases where seals or other means of checking are applied on delivered cargo, their integrity will be checked by the Officer in charge for loading.

Anyhow the Officers and crew in charge, must be always alert for any suspicious or not recognizable cargo loaded, in which case SSO must be advised immediately.


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