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Objective Mean Procedure
Control of people onboard (Access Control – Vessel’s Monitoring) Control the boarding, the movements and the disembarking of stevedores, visitors and crew Gangway watch and Procedure
Making sure that no illegal boarding can take place Patrols and Patrols Procedure
Control of cargoes / supplies / personal effects   Cargo / Supplies check procedures
Handling breaches of Security (Security Emergencies) Crew Training Training procedures
Crew Drilling Drills Procedures



3.0 Procedures


3.1 Gangway watch and procedure (Procedure SP-08)


3.1.1 General

The gangway watch is always standing by, when the gangway is down and people can board vessel

The gangway watch appointed by the SSO and could be one of the crewmembers of each deck watch.

We suggest to appoint as gangway watch deck cadets, particularly during daytime and in cases where visitors/Authorities are expected.


3.1.2 Equipment

The equipment of the gangway watch are as follows:

i) Ships phone and/or portable mean of communication with OOW/SSO/Master

ii) Hand held metal detector

iii) Security Cards (boarding badges) for visitors.

iv) Flash light

v) Whistle

vi) Fluorescent yellow vest

vii) Visitors log-book (Form SEC-18)

viii) All above to be stored in a box with security lock(padlock).



3.1.3 Boarding Policy

· Only authorized persons board the vessel.

· All persons boarding vessel and their personal effects are subject for searching and checking as per requirements.


3.1.4 Procedure

The gangway watch is under the supervision of the OOW/SSO and has an

Assistant which is allocated by the SSO. The gangway assistant can be one

of the crewmembers of each deck watch

When visitors are expected, the gangway watch is advised by the Master/SSO/


When a visitor present himself on the vessel gangway, the gangway watch

follows the below procedure:

· Inquire the reason of his visit, his port entry clearance and his ID.

· If he was not warned for the visit, he inquire the intentions of the Officer the visitor has come to see (Using the portable communication equipment). If the answer is positive then:

· Note the name, the ID nr and the boarding time in the visitors log-book.

· Withhold the visitors ID (if available), store it in his box, issue a “Security Card” (Badge) to the visitor, note its number in the visitors log-book and suggest to the visitor to read the instructions on the card.

· The visitor and his personal effects will be searched with the “hand held metal detector” as required from the Security Level in force. Any indications of the metal detector will be investigated by the gangway watch. In case of suspicious findings, the OOW/SSO will be advised immediately.

· All visitors refusing to comply with the above procedure will be denied entry and the OOW/SSO will be advised as necessary.

· Then the assistant will escort the visitor to his destination, or the Officer to be visited will come and escort his visitor personally.

· On his departure the visitor will be also escorted to the gangway where he will deliver the “Security Card” and receive his ID. The time of departure will be also noted in the visitors log-book.


In case of group boarding (such as stevedores or sub-contractors) the person in charge (foreman) will present a list with the names of the group that will be attached to the Visitors log-book. Security Card will be issued only for the person in charge, who will be responsible for the movements and the whereabouts of his group.

Gangway watch will check their port entry clearance if available and will count them on boarding and disembarking to make sure that all boarded disembarked. Their number and boarding/disembarking time will be noted in the visitors log-book.


Similar procedure will be followed in case new crewmembers join the vessel. The OOW/gangway watch should be advised for the their arrival and a list with the names of the new joiners will be delivered.

On arrival gangway watch will check their Seaman’s books/Passports and follow the usual procedure of searching and checking as per security level in force will be followed.

Passports will not be withheld and security badges will not be issued.

In case a crewmember takes shore leave his name and times of leaving and boarding will be noted. Any packets brought with him onboard will be searched and checked as per the security level in force.



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