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Britainís Young Consumers.

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Teenage Fashion in the UK

The weather in the UK is well-known for being cold and wet, but there is one thing thatís always hot and thatís the fashion! We spoke to three teenagers about their views on clothes and what they like wearing.

ďI think Iím reasonably well-dressed. I usually wear comfortable clothes and show a little bit of individuality. I love skateboarding, so most days youíll find me in very baggy jeans, trainers and a hoodie; thatís a sweatshirt with a hood for those of you who donít know. Iím not really bothered about brand names or logos. I tend to stick to cheaper clothes that wonít rip when I fall off my skateboardĒ (John, 18)

ďI love keeping up with all the latest trends. Itís so easy to be fashionable these days as lots of top designers make clothes for the cheaper, high street shops. I spend too much time and money in all of them, but they are full of trendy, affordable clothes! So, whatís a girl supposed to do? Hit the shops, of course!Ē (Amy, 17)

ďWhen it comes to fashion, I like to take my inspiration from many different places. Britain is a very multi-cultural place, so you see lots of different styles and trends all the time. I like picking up bargains at the street markets and second-hand shops. Then, I put these clothes together with things I have found on the high street. That way, I always stand out in a crowd. Young people today are so creative when it comes to fashion that pop stars are influenced by their style and not the other way round!Ē (Lisa, 18)


1. What clothes does John prefer?

2. What does Amy like to wear? Where does she buy her outfits?

3. Does Lisa like to stand out in a crowd? How does she do that?

4. What do teenagers in Russia like to wear?

5. What is your favorite style in clothes? Where do you buy your clothes?


Variant 2

Britainís Young Consumers.

There are over 9 million of them in Britain and they are the most powerful group of consumers. Who are they? Teenagers! A retailerís dream come true. Each year they spend $ 6 billion.

Sweets and chocolates are still the number one best seller, but sales of mobile phone cards are catching up quickly, and they are expected to overtake sweets and chocolates very soon.

Modern technology is rapidly replacing traditional favorite pastimes such as board games and reading with video games consoles like Playstation 2 and Xbox, which cost over 300 pounds. Quite a lot of teenagers have also joined clubs that involve extreme sports, such as gliding and parachuting. That means that parents are digging deeper into their pockets than ever before. They are handing out a massive 3.3 billion pounds to their teenagers every year, but is it enough? Obviously not, because this is only 60% of what they are spending.

Teenagers are making ends meet by doing odd jobs, such as helping with the chores around the house, delivering newspapers, and working weekends as sales assistance in shops. Although they earn and receive the same amount of money, girls spend more than boys.


1. What do British teens spend their money on?

2. How much money do British teenagers spend every year?

3. How do teens in Britain earn money?

4. Are you a spender or a saver?

5. What do you spend your pocket money on?



Variant 3

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