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Call the main function of participants of certification.

1. The certification bodies - organizations regardless of ownership, regardless of the manufacturer (performer), products (services), suppliers and consumers of products (services) that are in the state of expert auditors on conformity and in cases stipulated by legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan laboratory fixable on activities accredited in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the accreditation of conformity assessment.

Certification bodies, including foreign, subject to accreditation in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the accreditation of conformity assessment.

Branches of the certification bodies accredited as part of certification bodies in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the accreditation of conformity assessment.

2. certification bodies for the purposes of mandatory conformity must use the test results of accredited laboratories.

3. The certification bodies under a contract with the applicants within the scope of accreditation carry out the following functions:

1) consider the application of manufacturers (performers), sellers procedure for mandatory conformity assessment, identify products, services provided to demonstrate compliance;

2) Work on mandatory conformity assessment;

3) is carried out at the request of the manufacturer (executor) of work needed to make a declaration of conformity;

4) record the declaration of conformity and the application-declaration;

5) is carried out according to the scheme of conformity inspection of products that have undergone mandatory conformity in case of their non-performance suspend or cancel the action of the issued certificates of conformity or the registration of a declaration of conformity in the manner prescribed by the authority;

6) keep a register of issued certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity.

4. The certification bodies shall be entitled to:

1) to conduct mandatory and voluntary conformity assessment bodies within the scope of accreditation at the request of the manufacturer (performer), the seller;

2) require the applicant to furnish the documents required to perform work on conformity.

5. certification bodies are obliged to:

1) provide the applicant with easy access to information about the terms and conditions of conformity;

2) do not discriminate against the applicant;

3) to implement an electronic records data about registered declarations of conformity, statements, declarations, issued certificates of compliance, avoidance of applicants who registered the application-declaration of work on conformity assessment, to deny certification and transfer in the manner prescribed by the authority;

4) to protect the confidentiality of information constituting a commercial interest of the applicant, regardless of country of origin of products and services.

6. The certification bodies and expert auditors for violating the rules of mandatory conformity and the grant of the certificate of conformity, registration of declarations of conformity, statements, declarations, and the unreliability of the information specified in the declaration, the declaration shall be liable in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

7. The certification bodies do not have the right to provide consulting services in the field of accreditation and should not be affiliated with persons providing these services.

8. certification bodies should have the right of ownership, economic management, operational management of the laboratory providing testing facilities envisaged scope of accreditation certification bodies, to the extent determined by the authority.

Laboratory under the terms of the contract with the certification bodies or other applicants:

-conduct testing facilities for the purposes of mandatory or voluntary conformity assessment within its scope of accreditation;

-ensure the accuracy of the test results;

-draw up and issue the results of the work in the manner and according to the forms established by the authorized body;

-carry out other activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


38) How is the supervisory control of the certified products? In which case, suspend or cancel the certificate?

The certificate of conformity of the registration or declaration of conformity may be suspended or canceled:

1) by mutual agreement between the certification bodies and the applicant in connection with the termination of production of the product or the termination of the enterprise;

2) the negative results of inspection of certified products;

3) negative results of the state control over compliance with the requirements established by normative legal acts in the field of technical regulation.

Suspension of the issued certificates of compliance of conformity assessment bodies in the following cases:

1) negative results of product testing;

2) changes in the structure (composition), the completeness of products, organizations and (or) production technology without proper notification of the body for conformity assessment;

3) failure to comply with the technology;

4) the discontinuation of this type of product or service;

5) In the event of non-compliance with state control of production requirements established by normative legal acts in the field of technical regulations

Suspension of the certificate of conformity is carried out for a period of up to one month.

The decision to suspend the certificate of conformity is taken when by corrective actions agreed with the conformity assessment body that issued it, the applicant may remedy any identified causes of non-compliance and to confirm compliance of the products when re-inspections.

Cancellation of the certificate of conformity may be in the following cases:

1) changes in the regulatory legal act or regulation to products or test methods;

2) If the detected inconsistency is not removable;

3) If the applicant fails to take appropriate measures in the period of temporary suspension of the certificate;

4) if the production of the product discontinued (transferred to another production) or an enterprise liquidation.

The decision to suspend or revoke the certificate of conformity adopted by the certification bodies that issued it, with the obligatory introduction of an appropriate entry in the register of the state system of technical regulation. Making decisions is carried out in accordance with Annex 1 of these Regulations.

Revoked certificate shall be returned to the issuing authority within 3 days from the date of delivery to the applicant the decision to cancel the certificate of conformity.

Certification bodies shall inform in writing the authorized body on the suspension or revocation of the certificate of conformity.

39) Structure of the legislative and regulatory certification. What is certification system?

"State certification system of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (hereinafter GSS Republic of Kazakhstan)

The certification system - a system that has its own rules of procedure and management for carrying out certification of conformity.

The certification system - a system of certification of homogeneous products related to a particular product, process or service for which applied the same specific standards and rules, and the same procedure.

The main objectives of the GSS Republic of Kazakhstan are:

- protection of consumers from buying (use) of products, processes and services (hereinafter - products), including imports, which are dangerous to life and health, property of citizens and the environment;

- elimination of technical barriers to trade, competitiveness of products.

In the GSS the Republic of Kazakhstan, the following related activities:

-certification of products, quality systems and production:

inspection control of the certified products, certified quality system and production, accredited bodies and testing laboratories (centers);

-accreditation of product certification bodies, quality systems and facilities;

-accreditation of testing laboratories (centers);

-training and certification expert auditors on the above activities;

-training of specialists in the field of certification and testing;

The organizational structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan GSS form its members:

- State Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

accredited certification bodies of homogeneous products, quality systems and facilities;

- GSS participants of Kazakhstan are:

- Notified Bodies surveillance;

- expert auditors;

- businesses and organizations who use the GSS of the Republic of Kazakhstan



40) What kind of products subject to mandatory certification? In some cases, a voluntary certification?

Only the certification of products and services ISO can fully reassure the buyer about the quality of purchased goods and partners - a relatively stable and reliable cooperation with you. There are two types of certification: mandatory and voluntary (ISO). Mandatory certificationis assigned the relevant authorities of the state, and ignoring this requirement can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Voluntary certification - a fundamentally different question. It is performed only on the personal wishes of the company, which is driven by the desire and the need to optimize the existing quality management system.

Voluntary certification in Kazakhstan - it is officially installed system that applies to those goods, services or equipment, confirm that the quality is not a requirement of the legislation.

Voluntary certification system governed by the laws along with other operating systems. This form of conformity assessment is usually carried out at the request of the manufacturer, the seller of goods or on request. For example, large retail chains in the purchase of a product want to see documentation of quality, even if in respect of the goods does not provide the safety assessment.

In such a case, and held voluntary certification of products - products being tested and shall be issued a voluntary certificate of conformity. Despite the fact that the work is carried out on the initiative of the applicant based on the manufacturer or importer may already provide the buyer with the document on the quality, decorated in the system of technical regulation.

It must be noted that the consumer pays attention to such nuances as a certificate for the purchased product. If in respect of goods or services are not available expertise, means there is no mandatory requirements and product endorsement conducted for compliance with the safety requirements, which are designated by the manufacturer or supplier.

Perhaps many will agree that when you purchase a certain product, we would like to present the product to meet quality standards. To not have a month or before I purchased goods or give away for repair.

In order to avoid such situations usually carried out this procedure. Voluntary conformity assessment system is virtually identical to the mandatory, as in this and in another case, an identical set of documents is required.

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