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Which dates are you available? From? To?

EVS – European Voluntary Service questionnaire


INEX Slovakia is sending and hosting organization in the field of the European Voluntary service. This questionnaire will be used for internal needs of our organization.

Please answer all the following questions in English (do not worry about mistakes – they won’t count against you!), be short and precise, answers do not need to be long and extensive. Feel free to add any other information you may find relevant to be taken into account during the selection process, while reviewing your candidature:


Biographical data

Family name: First Name:


Phone numbers (landline and mobile please):


Birth Date: Gender:

Place of birth: Nationality:

Emergency contact person/people (name, address, phone number & e-mail):


Special needs (if so, please specify, eg. Dietary requirements, allergies, medical conditions, etc.):


Living situation:Are you currently:





Which dates are you available? From? To?


  1. Please give a short description of yourself, your background, your life at the moment, your hobbies, past experiences and future plans:



  1. What is voluntary service for you? What does volunteer mean to you?



  1. Have you already participated in any voluntary or associative activities? If « yes » where, when, for how long, what type of activity and with which organizations?



  1. Why would you like to take part in an EVS? Why now?



  1. Do you have any worries or fears about becoming an EVS volunteer? What challenges do you think you will face?



  1. Do you have any preferred country for your EVS project? Why did you choose this country? Why do you want to volunteer there and not at home?



  1. Have you already traveled or lived abroad? If « yes » where, when, for what reason and for how long?



  1. What kind of difficulties do you think you will face or encounter while living for a longer period of time in a foreign country to you, with a different culture as yours?



  1. What kind of knowledge, strengths or skills you believe you posses that may be useful during your voluntary service? Where, during the project you are applying for, do you see they will be very useful?



  1. What kind of knowledge or skills would you like to gain? What would you like to learn while volunteering during the EVS project?



  1. Which part of the project(s) you are applying for; you consider could be the most challenging one? Why?



  1. What do you think your contribution will be to the hosting organization and the project(s) you are applying for?



13. Please put in order the work preference:


Daily contact with the public

Heavy manual work

Intellectual work

Light manual work

Team work

Working alone

Working outdoors


14. Please put in order of preference your location of accommodation:


In a city or large town

In an isolated rural situation

In a small town or village

In a suburban area


  1. Why do you think you should be selected?



  1. Do you have a driving license? If « yes » do you drive a car regularly?


17. And finally… How would you describe yourself?

We have listed some key words that may help you to describe yourself. Please underline the words which seem to describe you the best and add other words if you wish. You may like to ask a friend to help you.


Extroverted introspective fun-loving adventurous noisy untidy studious


musical artistic leader easy-to-please shy organised


moody patient dancer reader follower listener


talkative independent quiet tidy early-to-bed flexible


religious athletic forthright worrier confident prudent


caring stubborn party-goer emotional lacking confidence



Please feel free to include additional information you may find relevant to be taken into account during the selection process, while reviewing your candidature.



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