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Tighten the adjuster nut carefully to remove freeplay


A Align slots in the locknut with tabs on the lockwasher ...

B ... then bend tabs up to secure locknut

Tighten the fork clamp bolts to the specified torque

Lis Every 8000 miles



Checking for play in the wheel bearings

Renew the chain slider if wear reaches the indicators (arrowed)


illustration).Also rotate the wheel and check that it rotates smoothly. 3 If any play is detected in the hub, or if the wheel does not rotate smoothly (and this is not due to brake or transmission drag), the wheel bearings must be removed and inspected for wear or damage (see Chap­ter 7).

1 1

21 Wheels and tyres-

general check


1 Check the tyre condition and tread depth
thoroughly - see Daily (pre-ride) checks.


2 Cast wheels are virtually maintenance free, but they should be kept clean and checked periodically for cracks and other damage. Also check the wheel runout and alignment (see Chapter 7). Never attempt to repair cast wheels; they must be renewed if damaged.

3 Check the valve rubber for signs of damage


Drive chain slider- wear check

or deterioration and have it renewed if necessary. Also, make sure the valve stem cap is in place and tight. Check that the wheel balance weights are fixed firmly to the wheel rim. If the weights have fallen off, have the Wheel rebalanced by a motorcycle tyre specialist.

1 Remove the front sprocket cover (see Chapter 6). Inspect the drive chain slider on the swingarm for wear. If the slider is worn to either limit line indicated by two arrows (see illustration)it must be renewed (see Chap­ter 6).

Nuts and boH

tightness check

1 Since vibration of the machine tends to loosen fasteners, all nuts, bolts, screws, etc.

should be periodically checked for proper tightness.

2 Pay particular attention to the following:
Spark plugs

Engine oil drain plug

Engine mounting bolts

Exhaust system bolts/nuts

Handlebar clamp bolts

Headlamp mounting bolts (unfaired models)

Gearchange pedal bolt

Footrest and stand bolts

Front axle nut and axle clamp bolt

Front fork clamp bolts (top and bottom

yoke) Shock absorber and swingarm bolts/nuts Rear axle nut

Brake caliper mounting bolts Brake hose banjo bolts and caliper bleed

valves Brake disc bolts Rear dmm brake torque arm bolts (R and T


3 If a torque wrench is available, use it along
with the torque specifications at the beginning
of this and other Chapters.

Every 12,000 miles (18,000 km) or 18 months

Carry out all the items under the 4000 mile (6000 km) check:


24 Brake fluid- change

1 The brake fluid should be renewed at the prescribed interval or whenever a master cylinder or caliper overhaul is carried out. Refer to the brake bleeding section in Chap­ter 7.

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