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Watch Scene with Transcript On Screen


Aww yeah!! How was that the second time? How does it feel to understand so much more of that scene?


Now YOU can apply these potent learning strategies to learn English with YOUR favorite TV series!


Not only will you be developing FUN habits with an activity that you anticipate every day, but you’ll also be learning at every step with an engaging story, you’ll be drastically improve your listening, your vocabulary, your cultural fluency, AND even your speaking.


Well, here at RealLife English, our passion and purpose is to help you find that exact turning point that firmly places you on the journey to true, lifelong fluency.


Ladies and gentleman, in service of this mission, I’m extremely excited to announce that in just a few days, we will FINALLY be releasing our long-awaited, innovative new product, Fluent with Friends:A powerful new Fluency Course that will take the ideas and strategies that we’ve been sharing in these videos, and apply them directly to your learning AND your life with what many consider to be THE best TV series for learning English, Friends.


With Fluent with Friends, you will turn YOUR learning process into a fun and effective adventure, alongside the fascinating story of Friends, one of the most popular American TV shows ever, AS WELL AS our constant guidance and coaching, as well as the exclusive access to the RealLife Fluency Circle Community, PLUS many other dynamic tools that will make your learning much, much easier.


Every week, we will deliver to your e-mail, a brand new, power-packed Fluent with Friends Power Lesson, which is an in-depth, linguistic and cultural companion guide, explaining EVERYTHING that you, as an English learner, can possibly need to know about that week’s episode, including vocabulary, idioms, slang, real life grammar, cultural notes, explanations of jokes, phrasal verbs,, connected speech, and pronunciation.


The long-awaited Fluent with Friends Course will include all of this, and much, much more, all of which, we’re extremely excited to share with you in a bonus video that we will deliver to your e-mail in just two days.


You have no idea how excited we are about this, because we have been working on this idea for over 2 years. I know that’s a lot of time, but we wanted to do it right, and now, with all that we’ve learned, from building this global movement, the Fluency Circle, and the RealLife English blog-- with all the all priceless feedback and insight that hundreds of you have given us over the past few months and years--- we are finally ready to present Fluent with Friends.


But, just so you know, and please pay attention here-- because we want this to be an optimal experience for those who we commit to working with-- at this point, we are only going to be offering this for a limited time, and to a limited number of students.


This is important that I’ll reiterate, there are only a limited amount of spots available for participants in the FWF course–so if you are interested, you must watch this video we’ll send you in a couple days.


We are thrilled to be working with learners and teachers like YOU who are ready to seize this opportunity to develop true, lifelong fluency-- so, we can’t wait to share all of these juicy details and more in the bonus video in just a few days!! See you then!!


Wait, wait wait, I forgot one thing.


As a special present for watching this entire lesson, we will soon send you a FREE SAMPLE of a part from one of the Fluent with Friends Power Lessons, for the exact same scene you just watched, PLUS the part that you haven’t seen yet, when Joey actually goes to the dance audition. You do not want to miss this hilarious conclusion of this scene!


BUT, this special present is only for members of the RealLife Global Movement, so if you’re not signed up yet, make sure you click on the box below to join our mailing list.


Aww yeah!!! See you soon.



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