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Watch Friends Scene Without Subtitles

How to Get Fluent with TV Series


Hey there, RealLife Community. Iím Justin, and Iím really happy to be here today for the third power-packed lesson of the LearnFast English with TV Series mini-course. Today, weíre gonna finish it up with a huge bang.


If you stay until the end, we have a special announcement, and a present for you. Awww Yeah!!!


Just to review, in the first video, Ethan explored some expert strategies of the most successful language learners, which make English a natural and enjoyable part of your everyday life.


And last video, Chad shared a rockiní lesson about an extremely potent listening technique that, when applied consistently, will help you drastically improve your listening, and your pronunciation abilities.


Please click on the tabs above to watch those videos if you havenít yet. Before we start, Chad would like to share a few words.


Hi guys whatís up? Itís Chad here again, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who left comments on my video. Iím really glad you guys got a lot of benefit from it and I really appreciate all the support you guys are giving us and the RealLife Movement and the whole community. So thanks again, and todayís gonna be another awesome lesson for you guys. So, letís do it!


So today Iím gonna bring it all together and teach you a dynamic formula that will help you use TV series to accelerate your learning, AND understand the language, the culture, and even the jokes, without getting lost, without subtitles, and have a lot of fun along the way.


Iím going to use one of my favorite clips from the TV series, Friends, and by the end, you will have the tools to use this strategy by yourself, and be on the fast track to understanding natives without subtitles, and speaking better too. Cool, Iím excited. Letís get started.


Watch Friends Scene Without Subtitles


How did that go? Did you understand everything? Were there gaps in your comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, or cultural aspects?


In this activity, Iím gonna guide you through this scene and show you how you can drastically improve your listening comprehension with the exact same POWERFUL LEARNING STRATEGY that Iíve taught many of my students to understand natives without subtitles.


  • If youíre at an intermediate or advanced level, the first thing you need to do is watch the scene, in English, without subtitles, which is what we just did.
  • Then read the transcript, researching anything you donít know. Youíll find many websites that will give you free access to the script from each episode.
  • Transcripts are easy to find by searching ďTranscripts + The TV ShowĒ in Google or another search engine.
  • As you read the transcript, I recommend you take notes on Microsoft word document, or with a pen and paper, or some people even print the transcripts out.
  • For researching Google, or any search engine will be helpful for vocab and idioms. Wikipedia is an incredible resource for cultural references, and Urban Dictionary is a great place to search for slang expressions.
  • When you take notes and study, focus as if you had to teach this to somebody. You WILL learn so much more.
  • Then, after you understand and integrate the new information, rewatch the scene without subtitles.
  • Now remember, these are general guidelines. Like Ethan said in Lesson 1, itís important to experiment and find how YOU learn best, which varies according to your English level and preferences.
  • Now, for optimal application and pronunciation practice, I recommend you practice MIMICRY, which is to imitate native speaking phrases, but weíll talk more about that in a little bit..
  • Also, for optimal vocabulary building and pronunciation practice, there is no better way than with innovative memorization apps like Anki and Memrise, which give you the opportunity to systematically improve your vocabulary AND pronunciation in as little as 5 minutes a day.


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