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volunteers for Insel – Haus der Jugend

EVS vacancies in Salzburg


Coordinating Organisation: akzente Salzburg


akzente Salzburg coordinates the application process, the administrational background and the arrival of the volunteers. If you need a visa, we will help you with the visa application process. After your arrival we do the registration together with you, give you information about Salzburg (like public transport, possible free-time activities, health care, …), etc.. We will also open a (free) bank account together with you and transfer the pocket money to your account regularly in the beginning of each month (ˆ 115,-/month).


akzente is responsible for the application work (together with the hosting and the sending organisations) and will also take care of the final report, after the hosting organisations and you have evaluated the project together. akzente invites you to regular EVS breakfasts, organizes free-time-activities for you and will support conflict management, if necessary.


The hosting organisation will pick you up from the train station or the airport, bring you to your accommodation (organized by the hosting organization) and will transfer food money to your account (ˆ 220,-/month). In case of Insel you will also receive food there + food money for your free days and the week-ends (ˆ 90,-/month). The hosting organization will also provide a mentor who will support you during your EVS and who will write the youthpass together with you.



For the next deadline (February 2016) we have following vacancies in Salzburg:



1 volunteer for MARK.freizeit.kulturWebsite: www.marksalzburg.at


September 2016 – February 2017 (6 months)


The „MARK“ is a social-profit organization that runs a cultural center at the outskirts of the city of Salzburg. Our location consists of a Café-Bar, a small concert hall for events, a rehearsal room with recording studio, a screen-printing workshop and a bike workshop. We want to be an open space for everybody, so our activities are either offered for free or at a very affordable level.


We will decide together with the EVS-participant on which project they will focus during their stay. Depending on their interests, this could be in the field of public relations, marketing, event organisation, gastronomy, bar, event technology, cooking, … You should be aware that we're a non-hierarchical team and though we're trying to consider your individual interests and strengths. We're taking care of the house together, so everybody of us needs to be prepared to help in every part of the house (bar, cleaning, painting, ...). We're open mainly in the evenings (nights) and on weekends, so please don't expect a regular 9-5-schedule. We're looking forward to meeting open-minded people interested in (sub-)culture, music/art, social and ecological change, willing to be an active and creative part of a small, diverse team.





volunteers for Insel – Haus der Jugend


September 2016 – (middle of) August 2017 (11,5 months)

Website: www.inselsalzburg.at



Insel - Haus der Jugend is a day-care centre for 5 to 15 year old children and teenagers. It provides lunch, helps with the homework under academic supervision, leisure time activities in the field of sport, creativity/art, culture and fun. At the organisation various little or big projects, such as holiday camps are also organized. The Island Campus is a spacious area with garden, lots of green, hills and central island. The day-care centre has 10 rooms for all kinds of activities for children. Special areas are the trampoline with 4 large nets, a skatepark, swimming pools, 2 big gardens with old trees, hills and playing corners and an indian bonfire place. We also have a story telling rail coach, a pottery, a pizza oven, a streetball ground, a Zen-garden, playground, beach volleyball court, football ground, willow tipees, amphitheatre as well as conference room and seminar rooms in the main house. The Island means day-care in a familiar surrounding but we also offer holiday programmes at midterm and in July/August.


Your tasks will be:


50%: play, sports and fun activities


20%: assistance to the children/youngsters to do their homework 20%: workshops dedicated to different topics


10%: running of the organisation & domestic economics (administration, helping in the kitchen, in the restaurant.)


You should be patient and creative and you should like working with children


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