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PAPERBACK Ltd the company which puts the environment first.

Exercise 39

Read and translate these sales letters.

Ms. Jane Jones June 16, 2002

Executive Vice President
Deco Coffee Inc.
1500 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K9P 2Z4


Dear Ms. Jones:


Jack Perkins, a mutual friend, suggested I call you. Jack indicated that our management software – Office Box – could help you automate many of the tasks your staff currently performs manually, such as scheduling, record keeping and payroll.


We've helped over 500 companies manage fast growth by making them more competitive and saving them money. With our software, you can increase productivity by as much as 42 percent. Many of our clients find that this leaves them with more time to attract new customers and service existing ones.


I will be in Ottawa the week of June 24. I would like to meet with you to discuss how our office software can help your business. I will call you Thursday to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can call me at 369–3698 or e–mail me at hail@acme.ca. I look forward to meeting you.



Reilly Hail

Reilly Hail
Commercial Sales Manager

Exercise 40

Complete each sentence so that it means the same as the one before it.

Example: I haven't seen our Spanish agent for three months.

The last time I saw our Spanish agent was three months ago.


1. We manufacture most of our computers in Korea.

Most …………

2. We didn't send the consignment by rail because there was a strike.

If there …………….

3. 'Do you know what the dollar rate is?' he asked me.

He asked me if ………………..

4. I am very sorry that I didn't reply sooner.

He apologised for …………………

5. I'm afraid that the Manager will leave before you arrive.

By the time ………..

6. I find these latest sales forecasts very interesting.

I am ………..

7. I started working with NCR three weeks ago.

I have ………..

8. My secretary is a very efficient typist.

My secretary types ……………

9. 'When does the sales conference finish?' the representative asked.

The representative wanted …………

10. I am not going to apply for a transfer because I haven't got the right qualifications. I ……….

If .............................


Exercise 41

Read and translate this sales letter.




Exercise 43

Desmond Taylor, Sales Director of Data Unlimited PLC, is organizing a sales conference for forty sales representatives to attend a two–day presentation by two advertisers who are promoting a new line of products. As Mr Taylor, write a sales letter based on the following information:

· Your address: Data Unlimited PLC, Data House, Chertsey Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 1EP.

· Conference Centre: The Royal Hotel, Owls Road, Boscombe BH5 1 AD.

· The conference room for forty reps for a two–day presentation.

· Dates of conference: 8 and 9 December 2004 from 09.00 to 18.00 on both days.

· The participants will be supplied with the display materials.

· Refreshments: coffee/biscuits at 11.00, four–course meal in restaurant with table wine, tea/snacks at 16.00.

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