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Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

WXR sends an inhibit discrete to the traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) computer when there is a PWS alert.

This discrete does these functions:

Changes resolution advisories (RAs) to traffic advisories (TAs)

Inhibits all TCAS audio alerts.




Antenna Tilt

The WXR panel supplies antenna tilt control signals to the WXR R/T.

Attitude Sources

The WXR R/T uses ADIRU attitude data to stabilize the antenna. The left ADIRU signals connect to the on-side attitude input of the WXR R/T. The right ADIRU signals connect to the off-side attitude input of the WXR R/T.

Attitude Source Select Discrete

Use the IRS select switch to choose the ADIRU source to the WXR R/T. Set the switch to NORMAL or BOTH ON L to use the left ADIRU input. Set the switch to BOTH ON R to use the right ADIRU input.

WXR R/T Antenna Control

The WXR R/T sends signals to the WXR antenna assembly to control it and make it stable.

Antenna Position Monitoring

The WXR antenna sends antenna position data to the WXR R/T for scan and elevation feedback.






The weather radar (WXR) control panel has these functions:

Mode selection

Tilt control

Gain control.

Mode Selector

The captain and first officer can show separate weather radar displays. The control panel has these mode switches:

TEST - starts a self-test of the R/T and shows the test results on the NDs

WX - R/T shows the weather data on the NDs

WX/T - R/T shows weather and turbulence data on the NDs.

The turbulence range is up to a maximum of 40 nautical miles (NM). If a range more than 40 NM is set on the EFIS control panel, the NDs show weather data only .

MAP - R/T shows ground and terrain features on the NDs

IDNT - starts ground clutter suppression

TFR - push the left transfer switch to transfer the right side mode, tilt, and gain to the left side display.

Tilt Control

The tilt control adjusts the antenna tilt angle from +15 degrees to -15 degrees.

Gain Control

The gain controls adjust the gain for the WXR R/T signal returns. The switches have 10 detented positions. Turn the switch full clockwise for the CAL position. In the CAL position, the gain is set to a calibrated level by the R/T.

UCAL Annunciator

The UCAL annunciators show when the GAIN controls are in the uncalibrated position.



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