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VIII. British Traditions

Give a 1-minute talk and say

· if it is important to have modern conveniences and why

· what modern conveniences you can name

· what you can use to clean the carpet

It is important to have all modern conveniences in our flat because they give us warmth, light, power and water to use. The usual modern conveniences are central heating, electricity, gas, hot and cold running water.

In fact, central heating is usually off in summer. Electricity lights our houses. People can turn the light on and off. By the way, gas is very expensive in our region. If the water is running, remember to turn it off. As for me, I usually clean the carpet with the vacuum cleaner.


IV. Free time activities (10 sentences)

I am fond of playing volleyball and roller-skating but I dislike playing the piano. By the way, I am interested in painting very much. Although I am not a theatre-goer, I am fond of watching comedies or drama performances. Besides, I would like to go to a pop music concert instead of listening to classical music.

I do not often visit exhibitions, picture galleries and art museums because I live far from a big city. As for arts, people could see beautiful sculptures and wonderful paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts or portrait paintings in the art gallery. What is more, I go in for swimming and running in our sports centre. My younger sister’s hobbies are collecting dolls and stickers, dancing and chatting on the phone.

Well, there are a lot of interesting programmes on TV tonight such as talk shows, cartoons, feature films and so on. Why don’t we listen to some band right now?


V. Travelling (9 sentences)

A traveler is one who travels. I always travel by fast trains, but other people are fond of slow trains. I prefer to take pictures when travelling and stay at the hotels. If you need the information about the timetable, you can ask at the information office. If you need a ticket, you can buy it at the booking office and pay a fare. When you travel abroad, you must go through the passport control, check your luggage in, go through the customs and so on.

I think the quickest method of travelling is going by plane but the flight is very expensive. If people want to get to faraway places, they must travel by air. However, the most comfortable one is going by car. Some people prefer to travel by sea because it is exciting when the weather is fine.



VI. Science (7 sentences)

The twentieth century was the century of science. A person who knows much about a science is a scientist. Mikhail Lomonosov was a great Russian scientist. Sergei Korolev’s scientific theories and discoveries have changed a lot in the world of science. Yuri Gagarin, the famous Russian cosmonaut, was the first man in the world to have a voyage in space on board the spaceship ‘Vostok’ on the 12th of April in 1961. The Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov was the first man to walk in space. I am proud of brave Russian people who made a lot of discoveries in different fields of science.

VII. Famous people

1. Russian people are clever and talented.

2. They made many discoveries in science, wrote a lot of wonderful books, composed beautiful music, painted beautiful pictures.

3. I know many famous people: writers, poets, musicians, painters, statesmen.

4. People all over the world know the names of Pushkin, Tolstoi, Chechov, Lomonosov, Gagarin, Korolev, Gogol, Chaikovsky, Levitan and others.

5. Russian people are proud of them and respect them because the are famous and talented.

6. They glorified our country.

7. Who hasn’t known the names of Lomonosov or Gagarin?

8. Russia has produced a great number of very creative and talented people.



VIII. British Traditions

1. Every nation and every country has its own traditions and customs.

2. In Britain traditions play a more important role in the life of people than I other countries.

3. They are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up.

4. Some of the English traditions and holidays are St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween.

5. I’d like to say about old English traditions.

6. One of the old English legend says that London can be the capital until 12 black ravens live in the Tower of London.

7. Each has got its name and keepers carefully look after them.

8. If one birds dies, another younger raven tales its place.

9. Londoners believe this legend.

10. The keepers cut the bird’s wings a bit as they are afraid that they may fly away.

11. Another old English custom is Guy Fawkes Day.

12. It is on the 5th of November.

13. Children stand in the streets asking for a “Penny for the Guy”.

14. Then with money they have collected they buy fireworks ad burn the figure of the guy (scarecrow) on the bonfire.

15. People watch fireworks in the evening and some people go to the parties.

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