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Italy _____________________________ Athens The Parthenon

England_____________________________ New Delhi The Fjords

Egypt _____________________________ RomeThe Tower of London

Greece_____________________________ Beijing The Alps

Norway_____________________________ Cairo The Taj Mahal

China _____________________________ Berne The Colisseum

Switzerland _________________________ London The Pyramids

India _____________________________ Oslo The Great Wall


TASK2 Complete the gaps with the words from the box.


crowds work lift queue floor book good time holiday resorts tourist traps make a complaint


1) I had a_______________ on my last holiday. I really enjoyed myself.

2) I think________________are good places to go on holiday if you have young children. They

3) always have so many activities specifically for the tourists.

4) I______________________last time I went on holiday because I wasn't satisfied with the hotel.

5) The____________didn't____________in the hotel I stayed in on my last holiday so

6) I held to use the stairs. It wasn't funny - my room was on the eighth_________!

7) I hate____________________. That's why I avoid places where there are too many people.

8) I don't like_________________to get in to museums and art galleries because I hate waiting.

9) I try to avoid the_________________when I go on holiday because they are so expensive!

10) I always__________my holidays at the last minute because there are some good last-minute deals and cheap offers.

TASK3 Complete the gaps with the words from the box.

to get away from it all scenery look round the shops packed touristy sights places nightlife



1) I enjoy______________________when I go on holiday but I don't usually buy anything.

2) I think that a lot of______________________have become too______________________.

3) There are just too many tourists these days! The city centres and beaches are______________________!

4) If I ever go to London I will visit all the tamous______________________.

5) I want______________________next time I go on holiday because I need to relax.

6) A busy______________________is important to me when I go on holiday because I love dancing.

7) I like going to places that have beautiful___________because I like taking photos of it.

TASK3 Work with your friend. Decide if the following sentences are true or false.

1) My partner has never been abroad on holiday.

2) My partner went abroad last summer.

3) My partner has stayed in a five-star hotel.

4) My partner has been to London.

5) My partner eats too much when s/he is on holiday.

6) My partner likes foreign food.

7) My partner has been to more than five foreign countries.

8) My partner thinks that it is important to visit other countries.

9) My partner is going on a cruise next year.

10) My partner would like to work in a hotel.

TASK4 Read out and answer the following questions.

1) Do you usually go back to the same place every year for your holiday? Why/not?

2) Do you prefer going on holiday with your family, with friends, or alone? Why?

3) Do you enjoy being a tourist when you travel abroad? Why/not?

4) Do you like the tourists who visit your country? Why/not? What do you think they find interesting about your country?

5) Do you prefer going abroad for your holidays or staying in your own country? Why?

Conversation Questions: Countries, Traveling & Vacation
1. Where have been on vacation?
2. Have you ever visited a different country?
3. Where did you go?
4. Which countries would you like to visit?
5. Why?
6. Which countries would you not like to visit?
7. Would you like to travel around the world?
8. Could you live out of a backpack?
9. Do you have to be brave to backpack?
10. Would you like to live in a different country?
11. Which country?
12. Why?
13. Do you think travelling helps a person become confident?
14. What type of vacation do you enjoy? Skiing? Camping? Beach?
15. Would you like to have a job where you travelled a lot?
16. Which jobs involve a lot of travelling?
17. Are there any languages you’d like to learn?
18. What is the capital city of Spain?
19. What stereotypes do you have about English people?
20. What stereotypes do you have about Russians?
21. Which country has the best food?
22. Would you like to study in a different country?
23. Which country? Why?
24. Which country do you think is the most dangerous?
25. Which country do you think is the safest?
26. Which country experiences the most terrorism?
27. Which country has the best weather?
28. Would you like to see the seven wonders?


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