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Speaking Assignments. III year of studying. Philology. Winter exam.

1. You are an expert in lexicography. Mitigate ardent argues about the never ending changes in English. Highlight current trends in dictionary publishing.

2. You have met your former classmate who is completely disappointed with his/her level of English. He/she now disclaims the possibility of quick progress in language learning. Comment on the bottlenecks of EFL, consider possible ways out.

3. English has penetrated each and every continent of the world. Some speaking communities lament the fact of the English language encroachment on their national identities. Express your own point of view on the targeted issue as in the eye of a beholder and of a patriot.

4. You are lucky to participate in the proceedings of a specialized language committee summoned to decide the legitimacy of regional varieties of English. Be ready to sustain or to oppose their decision.

5. The rise of English has exposed new pitfalls on the way to mutual understanding between the nations. Equipped with necessary knowledge you are invited by the board of directors of an international company to elucidate the prospects of the probable hurdles on the way to fruitful collaboration between its foreign branches.

6. You have succeeded to embark on a TEFL course in Great Britain. Clarify the situation to the students who are lost in the number of opportunities and are struggling to understand an alien academic year.

7. You live in 2100. You are a member of the committee which decides whether cinema and mass media should exist or not as they influence greatly people’s life. Express your ideas about the importance or the harmful effect of these things.

8. Imagine that you are a film director. You are invited to the university where the future directors study. You tell them about the process of film production, the tools and techniques.

9. You are the Ukrainian delegate at the international cinema contest / festival. Tell the other delegates about the history of Ukrainian cinema, mention the famous personalities.

10. You are asked to contribute an article to the students’ magazine about the celluloid heroes of the XXth century. Present your list of the best movie characters. Tell which features or actions can serve a role model for the next generations.

11. You dream about shooting a film worthy an Oscar. You are looking for the script which will have a box office success. What events will the film present? Whom will you invite to the leads, supporting roles, bit-parts?

12. You have your own TV channel. Which programs does your channel broadcast? Which genres of the films do you choose?

13. You are the head teacher of a newly opened school with in-depth studying of languages. Your task is to report about the uniqueness of your school within the annual meeting of the Secondary School Association for the purpose of getting accreditation/ license, highlighting such key points as your school’s mission, core values, updated curriculum, cozy learning environment, service and facilities.

14. The Ministry of Education is mulling over the project to cancel any homework because of the numerous complaints from the parents’ side about the overloaded school program as their children “have no time to look up until they go to bed well after the midnight”. On the other hand, in most schools pupil’s academic excellence is the only criterion of school’s rating. You are an independent observer who is in charge of giving the balanced opinion after considering all pros and cons of the abovementioned project.

15. According to official data, 80 % of senior pupils are determined to quit education after their GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and enter the real world. Your sibling is not an exception. You are making your 3rd year at the university and feel the necessity of convincing him/her to get a university degree. Think which arguments your sibling can give and try to build your own arguments to oppose his/her reasoning.

16. Your friend is just fresh from the University with BA and is trying to find a job. However, this degree is not enough in tough job market. You have recently read an article about such flexible facility as distant learning. Encourage your friend by outlining all the advantages of this modern opportunity to continue education while simultaneously being employed. Don’t forget to mention its flip sides as well.

17. You are the member of the Universal Education Ameliorating Organization. Think out the effective ways to improve the educational level in the secondary school judging from your own school experience (reorganizing the school staff, adjusting the curricula, inventing new disciplines, creating the inner ideology of the school is welcomed).

18. You have been offered a contract in one of the well-known foreign universities in Poland with the position of TEFL. You hesitate as you are not sure about what prospects this experience may give you. Think over the list of advantages and disadvantages of your job position as TEFL and give your final decision whether you do not/accept the offer.

19. According to the programme you have read the book (your home reading book). Some students liked it, some – didn’t. Try to sum up all the strong and weak points of the book.

20. Your friend wants to read something. You have recently read an interesting book. You tell your friend about it trying not to retell but giving such facts which can make him get interested and willing to read it.

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