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Speaking Comprehension Test for 8th Form Students

1. Many children grow up listening to or watching fairytales that give moral lessons. What is your childhood book or story?

* What was the moral of the story, and is it still relevant today?

* Why do you think stories are a good way to teach morals?

* If you could write a new fairytale, what moral value would you want your readers to take away from it?

2. Ever since humans landed on the moon, people have been obsessed with the idea of extraterrestrial life.

* Do you believe in this possibility?

* What would you do if you met an alien?

*How do you think humanity would react to the discovery of alien life?

3. There are some who say that zoos are like prisons for animals, others say they are sanctuaries, safe place for them. * Do you feel that they are prisons for animals? Do they guarantee their survival? * How do we protect endangered species from extinction? * Have you ever taken part in a project to protect endangered wildlife?

4. What extreme sport would you most like to try? * Describe the sport, including, including the equipment required, uniform and rules. * Why is it considered an extreme sport? * What dangers can exist when somebody does an extreme sport?

5. You are the owner of a pet store, and you are asked to speak about the importance of having pets. * Explain how to choose the right pet for you * What benefits do pets offer their owners? * What responsibilities do owners have to their pets?

6. Books have a positive influence on many people's lives. * What childhood books influenced you the most? * What do you think are important elements of a good story? * If you could be any character from literature, who would you be and why?

7. Describe your dream house and why you want to live there * What does it look like? * Where is it located? * What things does it have?

8. What is the most important quality a friend can have? * Why is this quality so important? * Do your closest friends have this quality? Do you? * How can you work to improve on this quality?

9. Imagine you are transported to another or fantasy world. * What does your fantasy world look like? * What makes it strange and interesting? * How does it differ from our world?

10. What activities do you find enjoyable when you are by yourself? * Why is this activity so enjoyable to you? * How often do you spend time by yourself? Do you feel it is important to have time alone? * Have you ever been afraid to spend time by yourself?

11. Discuss your favorite actor or actress. * What plays, films or television shows have you seen this person in? * Explain why they are your favorite actor or actress. * Compare this person with another actor or actress and explain why your choice is the best.

12. Choose a favorite holiday. * Explain why you like this holiday so much. * Tell a story from your life that illustrates what this holiday means to you. * Explain how your familyís traditions are typical, or not, for Ukraine.

13. You can choose to have one supernatural ability or gift. * What do you choose? * Why will you choose this? Will you use it to help others, for personal gain, or for both? * How do you think others will treat you because of your gift?

14. Health is essential to a high quality of life. *What are some good and bad habits you have? * What is the most important thing to remember about healthy living? * What could you do to help improve the health of others?

15.Imagine that you are lost in the woods. * What five things would you like to have with you in your rucksack? * If you could have one other person with you, who would you choose and why? * What is the first thing you would do once you got out of the woods?

16. A pen pal from the United States decides to visit you in Ukraine. * How can you help him or her prepare for this trip? * What Ukrainian dishes will you make to give your friends a taste of Ukrainian food? * Where will you take him or her in your town? What other towns would you like to visit with your friend?

17. In your opinion, what are the tree most important qualities a great teacher should have?

* Tell about a time when you were in a challenging class and you witnessed a teacher demonstrate these qualities.

* How do these qualities help students learn?

* Would you rather have a teacher with high expectations who teaches interesting difficult classes or a teacher whose classes are easy and boring?

18. How important are experiences, such as traveling or meeting people from different cultures, in our education? * Do you feel that there is enough experience in your education? * What do you feel has been your most important experience so far in your life? * Is there anything you wish you have done, but didnít? What is it? Why didnít you do it?

19. Do you think exercise should be an important part of every personís life? * Do you play any sports? Dance? Go jogging? Do you like exercise? * Can you see any difference in the people around you who exercise and those who do not? * What are the benefits of regular exercise?

20. Your school is having a competition in which students are designing a new school uniform. * What colors and styles would you choose? * Why do you think your design should be chosen? * What are the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms?



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