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Put the following headings in a logical order according to the Text.

1. The capital of “Black country”.

2. The main port of Wales.

3. The largest cities of Great Britain.

4. Small towns of Great Britain.

5. The largest port of Scotland.

6. A modern city having a long history.

7. The city surpassed by Glasgow in terms of its population.

8. One of the residences of the Queen.

9. The city in which the first historical novelist of England lived.

10. Shipbuilding industry.


11. Read Text 7B again. Give a brief outline of the information each paragraph contains.



English pubs


Every country has its drinking habits. Most countries also have a national drink. In England, the national drink is beer, and the "pub", where Englishmen go to drink it, is a peculiarly English institution. At tables round a usually not very large room, people will be sitting and in front of each person you will see a pint or half pint mug of beer, or a smaller glass of whiskey, gin and tonic or fruit juice. This room is called the "bar", but the same term is used for the great counter of polished wood, which dominates one end of the room. At this bar, people will be standing again with a drink either in their hands or on a "beer-mat". From time to time, they will take a sip — for Englishmen sip their drinks — and then put down the mug to continue conver­sation. There is a general atmosphere of warmth and cosi­ness. Comfort is essential, for here people do not drop in for a quick drink and go; they generally want to "make an eve­ning of it", talking to friends or strangers, until closing time, when with a cry of "Time, gentlemen, please!" the landlord stops to serve drinks. This is usually at half past ten in the evening. There is an important peculiarity about pubs. They have strictly-limited hours of opening. Roughly speaking one may expect to find a pub open between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and again from about 5:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. but it is almost impossible to get strong drinks in England in the early morning, in the middle of the afternoon or at midnight or later.


Ask your groupmates about Text 7C and let them answer these questions.

1. What is the national drink in England?

2. What is a pub like?

3. What is a pint of beer?

4. What term is used for a wooden counter?

5. Why is comfort important in pubs?

6. What are the hours of opening and closing in pubs?

7. Do the English get strong drinks in pubs?


Consider the following statements.

1. Most countries have a national drink.

Do you agree? Can you give your reasons?

2. Englishmen sip their drinks.

How do you understand that? What is really meant?

3. Pubs have strictly-limited hours of opening and closing.

Do you agree to that? Can you express your opinion on the above?


Discuss pros and cons of having some drinking habits in every country.

Here are some useful expressions for the supporters:

The point I’m making is…; it is generally felt…; I’m bound to say; I’m inclined to point out…; everyone knows that…, etc.

Some useful expressions for the opponents:

That’s not the point…; I think it’s absurd to…; anyone can see…; the facts just don’t support…, etc.


Retell the story as if you visited an English pub.


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