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Ships and boats. Choose the correct answer.

1. The river is so…. here that you use even a little boat.

a) flat b) narrow c) shallow d) straight

2. In spite of the storm, the Captain …. the ship safely into port.

a) directed b) drove c) managed d) steered

3. There was a toy boat floating on the …. of the water.

a) bottom b) flat c) surface d) upper

4. He stood on the …. of the river, looking down into the water.

a) bank b)beach c) boarder d) coast

5. Hold on …. to the lifebelt, otherwise you’ll sink.

a) firm b) steady c) strong d)tight

6. There was a terrible storm at sea last night and one of the boats …. .

a) dived b) drowned c) floated d) sank

7. The route into the harbour was marked by a line of …. .

a) buoys b) compasses c) lightships d) signposts

8. There were a number of fishing boats …. in the harbour.

a) attached b) fixed c) moored d) roped

9. We’re going to …. a cruise on the river next weekend.

a) go b) sail c) take d) travel

10. The crew …. the sinking ship as fast as they could.

a) abandoned b) escaped c) quit d) surrendered

11. Keep …. ! Don’t panic! You will soon be rescued!

a) brave b) calm c) firm d) happy

12. We have been unable to make …. with the ship by radio for the last two days.

a) communication b) connection c) contact d) link

13. Swimming across that river was a …. thing for him to do.

a) dangerous b) rough c) stormy d) violent

14. I’m always seasick when the sea is…. .

a) calm b) rough c) unsteady d) wild

15. The “Anna Maria”…. from Gdansk at 11:00 tomorrow.

a) embarks b) leaves c) sails d) steams

16. The ship’s captain and members of the …. welcomed us on the board.

a) cast b) crew c) staff d) team


3. Fill in the blanks in the following passages with the following vocabulary:

navigate, warships, galley, charts, mate, life-jacket, harbour, stern, fleet, moored, hold, waves, cliffs, docks, rope, embark, voyage, seamen, captain, liner, seasickness, deck-chair, compass, rudder, navigator, bunk or berth,, gang-way, stewards, overload, loaded, cranes, freighters, vessels

When a ship goes out to sea it leaves the ….., or port. The speed of a ship is measured in ….. . The foremost part of the ship is called the ….. . A ….. is used to steer the ship. The goods are stored in the ….. .

The man in command on board is the ….. . The first ….. is responsible for navigation. To ….. a ship the sailors need maps, a ….. and other instruments. Sea-maps are called ….. . A ….. knows where they are at sea by finding the longitude and ….. .

All the people who work on board are ….. . Together they are called the ….. of the ship. The crew sleep in ….. , or berths.

A holiday-trip by ship is a ….. . When passengers go on to a ship we say that they ….. , or board the ship. When you want to leave or ….. the ship you have to use the gang-plank, or ….. . Holidaymakers on board can sit in ….. . They sleep in ….. . Passengers are served food by the ….. . The food is prepared in the ….. .

Sometimes the ….. can be dangerous, especially when the coast consists of steep rocks called ….. . Along the more dangerous parts of the ….. there are usually ….. used for warning ships at sea.

If a ship runs into rocks, it becomes a ….. . If your ship is wrecked you have to jump ….. . Then you should wear a ….. .

When it’s ….. weather the surface of the water begins to move. These movements of the water are called ….. . When the waves are very high many people suffer from ….. .

Ships are ….. and repaired in ….. . They are loaded and unloaded by ….. Ships which carry cargoes are called ….. and those which are used for war purpose. A ship which is part of a commercial …. is called a ….. . A general term boats is ….. . After a ship has sailed into harbour it is ….. . This is a ….. or cable.

& 4. Read the text about a sea voyage which happened to be a tragedy for the people. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense-forms. Translate into Ukrainian.

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