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Complete the text with a suitable word or phrase

1- website, 2- online shopping, 3- screen, 4- keywords, 5- search engine, 6- password, 7- mouse, 8-click


When you want to find information on the web, it is helpful to use a1____________________ such as Google or AltaVista. You type in a 2___________________or phrase ,3________________' on 'GO' and a list of 4_________________________appears on your computer 5_______________. . Many people use the web for6 ______________banking. This means they have to enter private information such as credit card numbers or bank details, so the website must be very secure. To enter a secure site, you usually need to enter your username and a 7_______________________.



Read the text. Answer the questions after the text:


Lots of people have to manage large amounts of information. You may be a manager, a secretary, or a student. When you have information that you may want to use in the future, you have to store it where you can find it again.


The first step is to decide how to structure your filing system. Ask yourself: What are the main categories of information that I deal with? Then divide them into sub-categories.


The second step is to create files for each kind of material. Give each file a name. Ask yourself: Is this name helpful when I want that file again?


The third step is to arrange your files for easy access. Ask yourself: Which files do I use often? Whish are important? Put these files at the front of the filing area. Or on a computer, create a short-cut to those files.


Finally, keep your filing system up-to-date. Delete or throw away aold material. File new information immediately in the right place. And review your system often. Ask yourself: Does this system work for me? Can I organize it better?


Finding information takes time. A good filing system can save you a lot of time.


1. What kind of people need to manage large amounts of data? 2. Why is it important to manage information well?

Complete the notes with the missing words

Step 1: Decide how to 1_______________your filing system

- What are the main2__________________of information that you deal with?

- What sub-3 ______________?

Step 2: Create4_____________________for each kind of material

- Give your files helpful names

Step 3: Arrange your files for easy 5___________________

- Create a short-cut to files that you use often

- Keep most important files at the6___________________of the filing area.

Keep your filing system 7 __________________________

-File new information as soon as you get it

-8__________________ or throw away old material

-9__________________your system often: does it work for you?



Work with a partner. Tell each other and then the class what other systems you use for recording and storing English business vocabulary

Read the text and answer the questions.


1. Does Monster.com make a profit?

2. What two advantages does Monster.com offer to job-seekers? Find two advantages for employers of using the Monster.com site.

3. Which two kinds of business are losing money because of Monster.com's success?

4. What advice does the article give to people who want to use the site to find a job?



ad advertisement

resume (American English) summary of your education and previous jobs, which you use when you are looking for a job British English: CV (Curriculum Vitae)

filter software that selects the job-seeker's details to match the employer's requirements

headhunting persuading someone to leave their job and go to work for another company in a similar position



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