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When your company or your team faces a difficult situation, you need to look for a creative solution. It is a good idea to meet and brainstorm as many possible solutions as you can and make a list. Don’t discuss the ideas yet. Don’t reject any of them. Write down all ideas even crazy ones. When you have a list, you can evaluate the ideas to see which ones would (or wouldn’t) work. It helps if you make a statement about what kind of solution you really want.



Use the following phrases:


  • Would it help if…?
  • If we did that, it would be….
  • What else could we do?
  • That could be a solution.
  • What if we…?
  • That wouldn’t work/ wouldn’t help.
  • What we really want is …



A training manager and expert in business communication, talks about virtual teams: international teams which communicate mainly by email. Listen to the first part. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using email to communicate with colleagues in other countries?



Many companies employ teams who work together across borders and time zones. We call them virtual teams because they communicate almost entirely by e-mail. Modern technology makes communication very simple and fast – but there can be problems. There is a big risk of misunderstanding. With team members speaking different languages and belonging to different cultures, small problems can become big problems.


When you work together in a virtual team, you have to know and trust each other. It’s important to build relationship. When you join a virtual team, write an e-mail to the others to introduce yourself. Tell your colleagues about your job, your work, experience, you interests.


When you write an e-mail, don’t just focus on work. Make conversation – ask about the weather or mention something that is going on at the moment.


You need to explain things clearly to make sure there is no chance of misunderstanding.


If you have to say something negative, be careful. Remember, you can’t smile in an e-mail. A written message can sometimes seem very strong to the other person. Using polite phrases helps a lot!


When you often write to the same colleagues, you usually develop an informal, friendly style. But if you write to people in business that you don’t know well, you need to be more formal.


· Which of the following are most important when writing to a colleague in another country? Discuss your ideas with a partner.

- Tell your colleagues about yourself.

- Only write about work.

- Keep your message very short.

- If there is a problem, explain itcarefully.

- Use polite phrases.


· Read two examples of an email from a Japanese designer to his London colleagues about the text for a new webpage. Which one follows the recommendations?

A. From : Takeshi To: Jack Folds Subject: text for new webpage B. From : Takeshi To: Jack Folds Subject: text for new webpage
Hi! Thanks very much for sending the text. It looks very interesting. Unfortunately we're having some problems with it. It is a little bit long. In our experience, the users are not very happy to read more than 60 to 70 words. We think it may be better to cut the text. What do you think? We are taking a short break now - we're going out to the konveni for an onigiri (that means: we're going to the store for a rice snack!) Best regards Takeshi We're having problems with your text - it's too long, You need to cut it. Takeshi


· Tracey Smith, a colleague in another country, has sent you a sample page for a new website design. You want to make the following comment about it:

There's a problem with the new website design. The colours are too dark, it is difficult to read the text. Tracey needs to find new colours.


Write an email to Tracey Smith. Follow one of the examples above and make the comment more friendly and polite. Decide how to start and end the email. End the message with a little 'conversation’ Takeshi does in Example A above.

  • Read the letter attentively. Write a polite reply email to Andre (60-80 words)


To: From: Subject:
Hi! I want you to help me. I am preparing a report about the Art department’s budget, so check these figures for me. Do you want me to send you a copy of the report? Lucy says that you are working on the design for the new logo. Show it to me before you send it to the client. Also, phone Tomas Pavel because he wants to see it too. Thanks for your help. Best wishes Andre



- begin and end the e-mail politely

- agree to check the figures

- ask for a copy of the report

- You can show your design tomorrow (if convenient)

- You can not contact Tomas Pavel as he is in Bukharest now

- offer to show Tomas the design when he gets back on Wednesday

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