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Procedures and Systems

Circle true or false to the following: True False

I like to keep things in order A C

I am quick at making conclusions about most things C A

Traditional solutions are the best A C

Other people's problems don't interest me B C

I rarely question or doubt what other people say C B

I don't always finish tasks on time C A

I feel comfortable in nearly all social situations C B

I like to predict results before beginning to do anything A C

I like working under pressure B C

I enjoy being challenged by new tasks C A

People are usually convinced by my arguments C B

Checking detail is not one of my strong points C A

Clear and distinct thought is important to me B C

I find it hard to express myself in groups B C

I always try to finish what I start A C

The beauty of nature often astounds me C B


Total A answers__4___

Total B answers__2___

Total A and B answers___6__

Communications and the Arts

Circle true or false to the following: True False

I would like to present TV programmes A C

I sometimes find it difficult to say what I mean C A

I think I could write good short stories A C

I could do drawings for new designs B C

My knowledge of the arts is rather limited C B

I prefer doing practical things to reading or creative writing C A

I rarely notice the design of clothes C B

I enjoy talking to others about their opinions A C

I am full of creative ideas B C

I find most fiction rather uninteresting C A

I am not very inventive C B

I am a very down-to-earth person C A

I would like to exhibit my photographs or paintings for others to see B C

I could design something which was visually attractive B C

Translating foreign languages would appeal to me A C

Unconventional people make me feel uncomfortable C B


Total A answers__6___

Total B answers__3___

Total A and B answers___9__


Science and Engineering

Circle true or false to the following: True False

I am good at finding the weaknesses in arguments A C

I nearly always make spontaneous decisions C A

Thinking up new ideas is easy for me A C

I'm not good at persuading others B C

I enjoy organizing things in advance C B

Thinking in the abstract helps to solve problems C A

Mending things is not one of my strong points C B

Talking about possibilities that might never happen is enjoyable A C

Other people's comments about me don't hurt me B C

I try to solve problems by intuition and personal feelings C A

I don't always finish what I begin C B

I don't try to hide my emotions C A

I find it easy to find solutions to practical problems B C

Traditional methods are usually the best ones B C

My independence is very important to me A C

I enjoy reading classical literature C B


Total A answers__3___

Total B answers_3____

Total A and B answers__6___


Ignore all C responses. They simply indicate a lack of interest in a particular area, and should not be included in your scoring.

You should now have four scores, each between 0 and 16. A score of 0-4 shows very little interest in a particular area. 5-12 is about average. A score of 13 and over shows a strong interest, and the highest of your four scores indicates which area of work is most likely to suit the requirements of your individual personality.




Caring Influence

Medical Control

Welfare Commercial

Education Managerial

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