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Choose the correct verb form.

1. I saw / was seeing a good programme on TV last night.

2. While I shopped / was shopping this morning, I lost / was losing my wallet. I don't know how.

3. Last week the police stopped / were stopping Alan because he drove / was driving at over eighty miles an hour.

4. “How did you break / were you breaking your leg?” I asked. “I was skiing/ skied and I hit / was hitting a tree.”

5. When I arrived / was arriving at the party, everyone had / was having a good time.

6. Did you have / Were you having a good time last night?


7. Fill in the gaps with the verbs in the Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1 While I (go) to work this morning, I (meet) an old friend.

2. I___________(not want) to get up this morning. It__________(rain) and it was cold, and my bed was so warm.

3. The phone__________________(ring) just as I_______________(leave) the office.

4. When I________________(pick) up the phone, there was no-one there.

5. I_____________________(say) hello to the children, but they didn't say anything because they (watch) television.



Have a talk with your partner using the roles given below.

Student A. Your friend is going to move to the country. He has a good job and a nice flat and you don`t understand his reasons to leave. Try to make him stay in the city.


Student B.You spent last weekend in the country and found that life there is much more pleasant – it`s safer, cleaner and cheaper. You don`t want to stay in the city anymore. Explain your friend your decision.

Hi, Mary, how was the weekend?

It was amazing! I went to the country to see my relatives – and I`ve made a very important decision: I want to move to the country!


Lesson 2. More than just a city

Warm up

1. a) Let`s discuss the following:

- What do you think a population of a megacity should be?

- What are the biggest cities in the world?

- Do you think the majority of people live in cities or in rural areas?

B)TS 8.1 Listen to the urban studies expert talking about megacities. Check your ideas.

Reading and listening

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