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Reading and speaking

Lesson 1. Town and country

Warm up

1. Think about advantages and disadvantages of city and country life. Put them in the chart and compare with your partner`s chart.

City life Country life
+   -   + -

Maria finds more advantages in city rather than in country life. She thinks it`s more exciting and fascinating…


2. a) Do you know these words? What of these things can you see in the pictures?

square shopping centre statue market town hall street library car park cathedral pavement office block petrol station field farm wood bridge path river cottage hill church mountain pub lake

B) Fill in the gaps using the words from the box.

1. A cathedral is bigger than a ____________.

2. A mountain is higher than a _____________

3. A _______________ is smaller than a house.

4. A town is bigger than a __________________.

5. In my town there's a _______ of King Leopold II sitting on his horse. It's in the main ______.

6. The mayor has an office in the _____________.

7. Cars drive on the _______________. Pedestrians walk on the ___________________.

c) Say where you usually go:

- to meet friends;

- for some art;

- to have picnic;

- to show sights to your guests;

- when it`s a sunny day.

d) Compare the pictures using the words given in a). Answer the following questions:

- where are the people?

- what are they doing?

- what`s the weather like?


Reading and speaking

3. Now let`s talk about our preferences. Why do you think people prefer living in the country? And why others like city more? Here are three people giving their opinions. Look through them and complete the chart.

Patrick: The best thing about travelling by train ... is that you get back to London at the end of it! I`ve just been to the Cotswords for a week, and I couldn't get back to the city fast enough. The village where I was staying was terribly boring. There were no shops, no restaurants and, it seems, hardly any people. I was having really awful time there all these days! I didn`t want to cook every evening as I was on holiday - but the nearest restaurant was a 20-minute drive. That's not too far, I thought, and once decided to go there – first I was waiting for the train for 30 minutes, then from 5 to 6 p.m. I was trying to find it somewhere in the fields. I was dying of hunger when I finally found it. Perhaps there was a cinema, but after the storywith the restaurant, I never tried to find it. I`ve always lived in cities — the country is not the place for me.

Alice: I work as an architect. I went to university in Exeter and then just stayed on afterwards. I've been here for ten years now, but I don't really like the noise and dirt of city life. So, I'm selling my flat and moving to the Lake District. When I was a child, I used to visit my grandparents in the Lake District and I loved it. My grandfather and I went walking every day, and my grandmother taught me to swim in one of the lakes. My goodness, the water was cold! Three years ago, I met two other architects - at my grandfather's funeral, in fact. We were talking about London when suddenly one of them offered me to join their team in the Lake District. What an opportunity! The air is so fresh, and the views are out of this world. I can't wait to sell my flat.

Jake: I'm eighteen years old and I live in a small village in the Peak District; not far from Nottingham. I: live with my parents, and younger brother and sister. I grew up in this village, so I know everyone here. That's not the problem, the problem is that there's nothing to do, and nobody of my age to do it with! I was trying to organize some cinema club, but nobody wanted to join me. In fact, I was doing my best to make life here more interesting all these years till I found nobody needed it. That`s why I`m going to move to Nottingham in September. I was looking for some job when my cousin offered me to substitute him at his position. I'm really looking forward to living in Nottingham - I'll be able to meet new friends and to do something interesting.


Name City or country? Why?


4. Now share your experience. Think of one day spent in the country and in a big city. Try to describe these days using a model. What were your impressions?

I visited my granny last summer. I remember one day very well. I woke up very early when my granny was cooking breakfast for me…




5. How did your friends spend yesterday? Have a talk with your partner asking and answering question about:

See Grammar referencep.

- at 3 o`clock in the morning;

- when your mom came home;

- from 5 to 7 p.m.;

- when your friend was having dinner;

- the whole morning.

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