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Shestakova, Nataliya Andreyevna

Date and place of birth: 12 September 1980, Moscow

Ethnic origin: Russian

Marital status: unmarried; no children

Home address: 129347,Moscow, Kholmogorskaya Street 2, bldg. 2, apt.475

Home telephone:8 (495) 182-62-79;

Cell telephone: 8 (985)367-03-14.


1987-1997 – Comprehensive School Ή760, Moscow
1997-2003 – Moscow State Teachers’ Training University Specialization: Philology
July 1999 – Computer Technology School general educational establishment. Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, QuarkPress advanced courses
March 2001 – Stylist Courses (professional makeup)
2002-2003 – Foreign Languages (English) Programme of Additional Education Branch of the Moscow State University Physics Department
2008 – incomplete – Chinese by Traditional Methods two-year programme of the Additional Education Branch of the Foreign Languages College (suspended)

Work Experience:

16 March 1996 – 28 August 2002 SovGeoInfo LLP (computer operator).
4 September 2002 – 21 September 2005 Alcor & Co LLP (salesperson/cashier)
21 September 2005 – 15 June 2006 Alcor & Co LLP (promoted to Head of the Retail Trade Department)
21 September 2006 – 15 January 2008 Elody LLP (General Director)
28 February 2008 – 29 January 2009 School of Linguistics (Moscow Foreign Languages Institute) not-for-profit educational institution (Deputy Head of the Additional Education Branch)
29 January 2009 – present time School of Linguistics (Moscow Foreign Languages Institute) not-for-profit educational institution (promoted to Acting Head of the Additional Education Branch)

Job Skills:

- Experienced in the organization of department operation from scratch, development of new operation areas, promotion of educational services, formulation of advertisement policy, generating profit, personnel education and training.

- Participated in national and international theoretical and practical conferences; organization and holding of city educational events. Conducted international, national and inter-school conferences; prepared conference information packages.

- Experienced in cooperation with the Cambridge University under its programmes of education abroad and Cambridge Examination Centers.

- Managerial work experience: as head of two Cambridge Examination Centers in the Russian Federation ( CIE and ESOL), examinations organization and conduct.

- Development of promotional material: booklets, brochures, logos, posters, calendars, leaflets.

- Worked as press photographer (reporter) – two photos have been published.

- Managerial work experience: coordinated and managed the activities of a limited liability company as General Director;

- recordkeeping; accounts maintenance;

- development of an advertising campaign.

- Managerial work experience: coordinated and managed the activities of a retail trade unit as Director;

- market research, products range formation;

- staff recruitment;

- knowledge of office management, accounts maintenance, experienced in cash register operation.

- Organization and provision of consultations on the application and sale of cosmetics and perfumery (rewarded on several occasions for good work, e.g. as Best Salesperson of the retail network (rewarded by travel to the Haute Couture Week in Milan);

- Participated in shows and photo sessions as a makeup artist and model;

- Participated in and performed mapping, geological and geophysical projects, created databases;

Other skills:

- Advanced PC user (Word, Excel, Easy Trace, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, The Bat, Outlook, PhotoShop, CorelDraw, etc.); knowledge of office equipment.

- Typing speed: 24 WPM.

- Driving license (Β category).

- Foreign languages proficiency: English (fluent), French (moderate).

Personal Profile:

Proven communication and negotiation skills, tactful, dynamic, creative, analytical mind, ability to work independently and in a team, committed and determined in achieving goals, well adaptable in unusual situations, works hard under pressure.

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