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II. The contents of discipline

Ministry of Education and Science

Süleyman Demirel University


Faculty of Philology


The typical educational program

High professional Education




Of the course


The theory and techniques of educational work


Credit (40 hours)


For the second course students of Faculty of Philology, The foreign language: two foreign languages On the bachelor specialty 050119



Dean of the Faculty



Head of Department

Ekatarina Agaeva


Almaty, 2006-2007


Author: Yakup DOGANAY

MA, Methodology

Office: 138

Office Hours: Thursday 14.00-1600

E-mail: yakdoganay@yahoo.com


Reviewers: Yusuf YAYLACI

Dean of the Faculty


: Haldun VURAL

English teacher


: Ekatarina Agaeva

Head of Department



The syllabus has been worked out in accordance with:


· The state Education Standard of Kazakhstan on speciality 021540 - Philology, Two Languages.

· Kazakh State University of World Languages and International Relations named after Ablay Khan and recommended for publishing by the Educational and Methodological Unit as of Jane, Almaty, 2002.

Protocol ¹ 3



The curriculum was approved by;

- The Committee of Faculty of Philology

- The Administration of the Suleyman Demirel University

I. Preface

Brief Course Description

Explanatory slip

The formation of spiritual - moral, intellectual with advanced creative potential, self-developing and self-actualizing person is an essential task of Republic of Kazakhstan.

The aim of the course:The formation of the professional - pedagogical competence of the future teacher in the field of the theory and technique in the educational work with the pupils.

Objectives of the course:

· The development at the students of installation on mastering by professional - pedagogical knowledge and skills in the field of the theory and technique in the educational work with the students.

· Expansion and deepening of knowledge of the general theory of education


II. The contents of discipline


Topic 1. What is education? What is organisation?

Common bases ofThe theory and technique of the educational work”



Topic 2. What is technique? What is theory?


Subject and objectives of “The theory and technique of the educational work”



Topic 3.What is system? The place and role of schools in educational system.

School as an educational system.



Topic 4.The class as a model of up bringing and developing the society.

Educational system of a class as a component of bringing up and developing society.

Topic 5.The organization of educational work and social activities.


The organization of educational work at school and class.


Topic 6. The place of extra curricular activities and organisations in educational system.

Out-of-class and extracurricular educational work with pupils.


Topic 7. The techniques of self-assesment.

Diagnostics in the educational work of the school and class.


Topic 8. The goals and aims in up bringing our pupils and students.

The purpose in the educational process and planning educational work at school and class.


Topic 9. The ways of applying theory into practice.

Organization of the educational work (realization of the plan) at school and class.


Topic 10. Observing and applying and analysing the results of curriculum.

Review and self-examination of the educational work and its results at school and class.


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