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The problem of overfishing in the great lakes of developing African countries and a review of current policy

This essay has shown that in order to reduce or eliminate the overfishing problem in developing East African countries, current policy needs to be reviewed to include a precautionary approach in rectifying the drastic depletion of fishing stock. This approach should address issues such as the stakeholders’ future position if restrictions such as quota fishing and closed season fishing are imposed. It would also be significantly more effective if other alternatives for obtaining fish for local industry would still get raw fish material for the factories and hence continue to meet its fish market demand. This would also ensure that local communities could generate sufficient income for their needs. Eventually, this approach would reduce the fishing pressure on inland waterways and eliminate the overfishing problem in the region.


Source: Edited extract from authentic student material.


2.3 Discuss your analysis of the conclusions in small groups.

2.4 Complete the summary table by ticking (٧) the appropriate columns.

Summary table

Feature Conclusion 1 Conclusion 2 Conclusion 3 Conclusion 4
logical conclusion        
brief summary        
comments on ideas        
further research suggestions        
reference to thesis statement          


Task 3. Analyzing your conclusion

3.1 Look at the conclusion of your own project. Which of the features from

the table below can you identify? Place tick (٧) in the appropriate row.


Feature My project My partner’s project
logical conclusion    
brief summary    
comments on ideas    

Task 4. The language of conclusion

4.1 Look again at Conclusions 1-4 on pages 56-58. Underline any expressions or phrases you think might be useful in your own academic writing.

Conclusion 2

Ways of decreasing the impact of construction on the environment have been analyzed, and the way in which these solutions can result, to some extent, in higher profits for their investors has been explained.

Unit summary

1. Mark a-k with either FI for features of introductions, or FC for features of conclusions.

a. background information about the topic __

b. brief summary of the main ideas in the essay and comments on these __

c. justification for the choice of topic focus __

d. predictions for future developments __

e. mention of further research that might bå råquiråd __

f. àn outline of the structure of the essay __

g. definition of key terms related to the topic __

h. limitations of the wîrk covered bó the essay ___

i. the thesis statement (the writer's viewpoint îr perspective) __

j. the writer's purpose in producing the essay __

k. à råfårånñå back to the thesis statement __

2. Mark each of the features above as follows.

٧l used this in my project and think l used it well.

?l used this in my project, but l don't think l used it very well.

x I didn’t use this in my project


Self-work task

Make a short summary of the topic “Famous scholars in your field”.

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