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From Citizen Journalism To User-Generated Content

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How Small Businesses Contribute to U.S. Economic Expansion

  • Why do small businesses tend to be more economically innovative than larger companies?
  • By what is a small business defined - revenue, number of employers?
  • What figures prove the importance of the small business sector in the U.S. economy?
  • What is the contribution of small business in terms of economic innovation?
  • What is the contribution of small business in terms of economic flexibility?
  • What is the contribution of small business in terms of social cohesion?
  • What is the ultimate goal of the small business owners?


So You Want to Start Your Own Business

  • What steps have to be taken by one who wants to start a small business?
  • What people are usually successful at operating businesses?
  • The first step of starting a new business is “defining your market” – what does it mean?
    Why is it necessary to work out a business plan?
  • Is finding start-up money really considered to be the biggest hurdle in starting a business?

My America: Coloring Outside the Lines

· Why does the author of the article say that her husband and she “have drawn a fortunate lot in life”?

· What does the American Dream mean to her?

· What do the faces of today's American family look like to her?

· What do Americans cherish the act of self-exploration?

· What does “Coloring Outside the Lines” mean according to the author?


House Passes Economic Bill with Huge Boost for Education

  • What kind of bill did the U.S. House of Representatives pass on January 28, 2009?
  • Why do you think “No Republican voted for the measure, which passed 244 to 188”?
  • What help would this House bill provide?


Changing Face of Higher Education

  • When and why was the G.I. Bill introduced by the federal government?
  • What did The G.I. Bill of Rights include?
  • What was the social impact of this Bill?


Challenge of School Reform

  • What kind of reforms in education did John Dewey call for?
  • Why was progressive education widely misunderstood in the 20-40?
  • What did a highly influential report called A Nation at Risk and published in 1983 assert?
  • What have many recent school reforms sought to introduce into the public school system?
  • What are the main principles charter/ voucher schools based on?
  • What is the pivotal idea of another reform movement led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?
  • What did the Bush administration’s 2001 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law requires states to do?
  • What were the strong concerns about the law expressed by educators?

U.S. Community Colleges: A Gateway to Higher Education for Many

· What are the 9 benefits of community colleges?


  • What does the function of journalists as a watchdog of the government include?
  • Who usually watches the watchdog?
  • What watchdog groups exist outside the industry? Are they really neutral?
  • Who fulfills the media watchdog role inside the media industry? Is it effective?
  • What are the functions of the National News Councils?
  • Why do news councils stir the share of controversy?
  • What are the main aims of professional organizations?


From Citizen Journalism To User-Generated Content

  • What is meant by the user-generated content?
  • Try to prove that the growth of digital media has democratized the publication of words and pictures of all kinds.
  • When was the notion of "citizen journalism" first proposed?
  • What are according to the author positive and negative sides of this kind of journalism?
  • Why are news consumers more likely to trust well-known and established news brands and to treat blogs and citizen-generated materials with more skepticism?


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