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Information about Price

What are you asking for this?
What does this sell for?

How much is it?
How much does it run?

  This (one) sells for $5900.
  This one goes for $2900.
  This one is priced at $9695.

Closing a Conversation


It's been nice talking to you.
It's been great talking with you.

I really enjoyed meeting you.
It was nice meeting you, Mr. Brown.

I'm sorry, but I have to go now.
I'm afraid I have to leave now.

Thanks for the information/ the tour/ your time.
Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Follow up

I'll give you a call.
I'll send you an e-mail.
I'll put a packet in the mail for you.

We'll send out that information right away.
I'll have my secretary schedule an appointment.

Could you send me a brochure/some more information?
Could I contact you by e-mail/at your office?

How do I get in touch with you?
How can I reach/contact you?


I look forward to seeing you again.
We'll see you on Friday.
See you next week.

Let me give you my business card.
Here's my e-mail/office number.

Let's keep in touch by e-mail.
We'll be in touch.

Call me if you have any questions.
E-mail me.

Customer Survey (Restaurant)

What types of food do you like to eat?

What types of food do you not like to eat?

How often do you go out for a meal?

On what days of the week do you usually eat out?

Which meal(s) (breakfast, lunch, dinner) do you eat outside of your home?

How much do you spend on a typical meal?

Do you go out alone, as a couple, or in groups?

What are your main criteria in choosing a restaurant?

What are your main reasons for not going out to eat?

What is your primary means of transportation?

What area of the city do you live in?


Age 0-12 13-18 19-25 26-40 41-60 61 and over

Gender Male Female



Discussing Agenda Items

Let's start with . . .

Let's start by . . .

The first item on the agenda is . . .

We need to discuss . . .

Let's look at item number one.

Let's move on to number two.

The next item on the agenda is . . .

What's next on the agenda?

Does anyone have any comments?

Any comments?

Are there any comments on that?

What do you think?

Good idea.

Good point.

Does everyone agree on that?

Making Appointments

I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Bill.
I'd like to schedule a meeting with Ms. Terry.
Could I schedule a time to meet with Mr. East?

  What time is best for you?
  When would be a good time for you?
  Would 9:00 on Thursday be okay?
  He'll be in on Tuesday.
  His schedule is open all day Monday.
  She's free any day but Wednesday.
  Dr. Itup will be away until Friday.

Will Mr. Rodgers be in tomorrow?
Is he available next Wednesday?
Does he have any openings on Tuesday?
Does she have any time on Thursday?

  Sorry, her calendar is full on Monday.
  She will be out on Wednesday.
  He doesn't have time on Tuesday.
  How about Friday at 4:00?

Thursday at 10:00 will be fine.
Friday at 11:00 sounds good.
Okay. Tuesday morning at 9.
Monday at 8:00 is not good for me.
Wednesday is not possible.


Meetings and Discussions

Getting started

Let's get started.
We need to discuss . . .
We need to talk about . . .

Talking about discussion items

The first thing we need to discuss is . . .
The first item on the agenda is . . .
The first thing on the list is . . .
First, we need to talk about . . .

Presenting Options

We have several alternatives:
We have two options:
We could either . . . or . . .

Moving on

Let's move on to Item 2.
Let's move on to the next topic.
We need to move on.
The next item (of business) is . . .
We need to go on to the next item.
Shall/Should we move on?

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