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Sample Walk-In Business Memo


Due to the recent incident which has created tremendous damage in the line because of just little misunderstanding between 2 persons, our line has been demoted to its present status.

In view of this, we will be having a meeting at exactly 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the function hall. Your attendance is a must.

Agenda: values in the line, proper protocol, employee relationship.






This walk-in business memo will then be delivered to all the people concerned. The messenger will be the one to give this memo personally to the people concerned and the messenger will let these people to sign their name in the lines provided.





Be prepared

• Paper and pen/pencil should always be at hand and remember who you called (don’t do other things while on the phone like checking email --they can hear you!).

Answer promptly

• Calls should be answered at the end of the 1st ring, no later than the 3rd ring.

Be Pleasant

• Project your best self over the phone; smile even though they can’t see you!

Identify yourself

• Identify yourself immediately as well as the reason for your call. (Example: “Hello, this is Sallie Smith, a current student in the HSMP program at OSU. I am calling in response to the fellowship at your organization.”).

Respect other’s time

• Ask for the person’s time after you identify yourself. (Example: “Do you have a minute” or “Is this a good time to talk?”) MOST people do not display this courtesy!

When you need to leave a message

• Display the same courtesy to the administrative assistant as you would to the person you are trying to reach. Try to address the person by name (Example: “Thank you Ms. Harlow. I look forward to hearing from Ms. Stone.”).

• If you do not hear back from Ms. Stone and you call back, only to speak with Ms. Harlow again, ask for her assistance (Example:, “Ms. Harlow, I would really like to speak with Ms. Stone about the hiring decision. Could you suggest a better time to reach her?” If she offers advice, take it. When you call back, only to speak to her again, say “Ms. Harlow, this is Amy Taylor. I spoke with you earlier this morning. I am calling back at this time, as you suggested, to speak with Ms. Stone.”).

• If you treat them with respect, chances of getting your foot in the door are much better!

How to get your telephone calls returned promptly

• When calling someone, be as specific as possible about when you can be reached. This will show the utmost professionalism.

• Ask rather than just put someone on hold (and don’t put them on hold for any longer than 60 seconds!) Example: “Let me get that information for you. May I put you on hold?” Much better than saying “Hold on please.”

Be respectful

• Let the person know that you appreciate his/her patience.

• When returning to the line, demonstrate your appreciation for the person who has been on hold by saying “Thank you for waiting…”.


1. Hanging up instead of apologizing first when you reach the wrong number.

2. Saying “He/she has my number” rather than leaving it, when the person you are calling is unavailable.

3. Not returning calls PROMPTLY (24-48 hours from the time it was received).

4. Putting someone on a speaker-phone without asking permission.

5. Recording a “cute” message on your answering machine.


• Personalize your message greeting. No cutesy messages or music!

• When leaving a voice mail message, be clear and CONCISE and smile. Provide the times and days you’ll be available. By doing so, you’ll be surprised how much quicker your calls will be returned. Also, repeat your name and phone number at the end of the message. Example: Good morning, Mr. Johnson. My name is Abby Smith with the HSMP program at OSU. My phone number is 614-292-5555 and I will be available at that number between 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. today. I am calling about the fellowship opportunity that was posted in the HSMP department and have some questions. Once again, my phone number is 614-292-5555. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.”

• Always leave your phone number, no matter how many times you have talked to or left messages with this person. You will be assured that they always have your phone number at his/her fingertips, instead of having to look it up each and every time. If you received 4 voice mail messages and only 2 of the people left their phone numbers, whose calls would you return first?

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