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Specimen of Recovery letter


Tel. 508632-35 M/s Bharat Fans E-mail: bh@fan.vsnl.net.in

Fax. 508600 Bharat Complex Website: http://www.bhfan.com


Hyderabad Industrial Estate

Hyderabad - 500032



Ref.-SL/F/2002/12 Dated: December 10,2002


M/s Acron Electricals

22/c, Main Road

Darya Ganj, New Delhi-2


Subject: Recovery of dues



Dear Sir,


We believe that the payment of our bill No. 1713 dated September 2, 2002 must have escaped your attention. As the payment is due since long, we would appreciate if you send us your cheque immediately. Please let us know whether payment is being withheld for some special reasons.


Thanking you,



Yours faithfully,

For M/s Bharat Fans


(Des Gupta)

Sales Manager


Task 15.Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

(i) On receipt of defective goods, the buyer writes __________ to the seller.

(ii) On finding that the goods have been damaged in transit, the buyer writes complaint letter to _______.

(iii) Aim of recovery letter is to ______________ from the buyer.

(iv) Complaint letter is written by the______________ to the ____________.

(v) Recovery letter draws the attention of the buyer towards the _____________.

Task 16. Answer the following questions.

1. What is meant by business correspondence?

2. How is personal correspondence different from business correspondence?

3. Explain the importance of writing a business letter.

4. Describe the inner and outer qualities of a good business letter.

5. What is meant by Enquiry letter? What are the points one should remember while writing an enquiry letter.

6. Explain the various parts of a business letter with the help of a specimen.

7. What is meant by Quotation letter? How does it different from enquiry letter?

8. What is meant by Recovery letter?

9. What is meant by Order letter? Give a specimen of an order letter.

10. What is meant by Complaint letter? Under which situations is a complaint letter written?

11. State the important points one should keep in mind while writing a complaint letter in business.


ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisement –announcement that something is for sale or is wanted. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)provides rules for companies advertising their products in Britain. Here are some of them: Ø No advertisement should cause fear or anxiety without good reason. Ø Advertisements should contain nothing that is likely to cause serious or widespread offence, particularly on the grounds of race, religion or sex. Ø Advertisements should not imply a link between smoking and social, romantic or business success. Ø Advertisers should not unfairly attack other businesses or their products. Ø Advertisements should not suggest that alcohol is the main reason for success of a party or event.

The following advertisements may illustrate this information:

MEMORANDUM Memorandum is so important in the business world. This is often used to inform employees of the company for abrupt changes. We have two types of business memos: the first one is the memo being posted on a bulletin board and the other memo is called a walk-in memo. This walk-in business memo is often created by the executives in the business or other leaders in a department or the person who handles more that 10 persons in an operation of the business.

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