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Key Components of Valeology

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Valeology: An Introduction

You know a healthy person when you see one. They have bright eyes, good looking skin, and boundless energy. They look vibrant, vital, and strong. They don’t get the cold going around the office and never seem to get sick. Healthy people have a glow about them that is hard to describe, but easy to see.

Oddly, these sparkly well people don’t get much attention from the scientific community. Indeed, healthy people are mostly ignored by medical science. This is curious because you can learn more from studying success than from studying failure. Vital well people, people who are getting it right when it comes to health, need to be studied. The secret or secrets’ behind their vitality needs to be revealed.

Valeology is the science of health. Valeologists study health and search for substances that increase health.


Valeology is derived from the Latin verb Valere, to be strong or healthy. Valeology uses the scientific principle of search and research to gain insight into the bodies’ intrinsic mechanisms of health. In addition, Valeology identifies substances that support, stimulate, cause or increase health.


Healthy people are brimming with an inexplicable energy that powers up their vitality. Different cultures call this energy by different names. The Chinese call it Chi, the Romans called it Vix Conservatrix, English speakers call it Life Force. Whatever that mysterious vibrancy factor is, healthy people have a lot of it and sick people have less of it.

Though it may be poorly understood, anyone with a body is aware this energy. When you get a cut, the body closes the wound. When you get a cold, the body handles the virus, and the cold disappears. When you get something in your eye, tears wash it out. When you inhale something bad, you sneeze or cough it out. When you have a lot of this energy, you do not get the cold going around the office or classroom. When you are “run down”, in other words, lacking in this vital force, you catch everything you come across. People with a lot of this energy recuperate quickly, people lacking this energy recuperate slowly. Generally speaking, young people have lots of this energy, middle aged people less, and the elderly even less. Evidence of this mysterious force, and its action, are obvious if you look for it.

Valeology believes in the existence of this force and that this force is the key to health. Valeology believes that studying this force will lead to an understanding of it. With a better knowledge of this energy, vibrant health will be possible to anyone who wants it.

Valeology believes in doing everything possible to maintain and or increase this energy. Valeology believes in working with this force and never against it. Medicines, foods, activities, and procedures that increase this force are accepted. On the flip side, Valeology rejects remedies, medicines, foods, activities, and procedures that diminish this vital energy. Valeology believes in working with this force, and never against it.


In the 1940’s, the medical researcher Israel Brekhman(1921-1994) was studying medicine. While studying, he found he had a fundamental problem with what he was being taught. The medicine he was studying was based on pathology, the science of disease. He felt that studying sickness and sick people was a waste of time. They had gotten it wrong. He felt it would be better to study well people, learn the secrets of health, and identify substances that caused health. He created the science of “Valeology” and dedicated his life to the study of health and to the identification of substances that induced health. His work was funded by the Soviet Government and he learned much about health and substances of health. His legacy is a vast body of knowledge about health and substances that increase it.

In the early 1980’s Dr.Douglas Schar was living in New York City. At that time, the AIDS epidemic emerged and great numbers of people began dying from the disease. People got a common cold and died. Eventually, the virus responsible for this phenomena was identified and its action, the depletion of the immune system, was established. The medical community began administering toxic chemotherapy drugs to Human Immuno-Deficient (HIV) patients, and, needless to say, the patients did not improve. The logic of giving a run- down sick person drugs that would make them even more run down and sick, alluded Doctor Schar. A lifelong student of herbal medicine, Dr.Schar was aware of the traditionally used tonics, non-toxic substances that made the body stronger. He felt tonics were a better weapon against a debilitating virus than debilitating chemicals. In response, he wrote his book, “Thirty Plants that Could Save Your Life”. The book outlined 30 tonic substances that could be used to strengthen the body against any and all threats to health including the HIV virus. This began a decade long study of substances that strengthened health.

In the mid 1990’s Schar became aware of the work of Brekhman and his science of Valeology. Using Brekhman's research, and his own, Schar decided to move Valeology into the new century. From that time, Schar has kept the science of Valeology alive. He continues to champion Valeology, studying health, identifying health inducing substances, and teaching the science of health.

Key Components of Valeology


Scientists that specialize in the study of health are called Valeologists. Valeologists are divided into two classes, clinical Valeologists and research Valeologists. Clinical Valeologists work with people to help them achieve optimum health. Research Valeologists study health and substances that cause health.


The word Valerogen is derived from the Latin Valere, to be strong or healthy, and from the Greek Gen, to create. Valerogens are substances that create health.

Throughout the ages, and around the world, people have identified substances that increase health. In English these substances were known as tonics. Globally, tonics were used to strengthen the weak and aged, to bolster people bodies against epidemic disease, to speed healing and recovery from an accident or a bad childbirth. When a boost in vital force or healing was needed, ancient people used tonics to supply it. Ancient Chinese, Indian, European, and Arabian medical books are filled with tonics used specifically to bolster health and vitality.

Brekhman was looking for substances that induced health and felt that these traditionally used tonics, long reported to increase vitality, would be a good place to start. After all, they had received a millennium long global clinical trial. For thousands of years people used these substances to increase vitality. Where there is smoke, there is probably a fire! Brehkman used modern science to study these traditionally used tonics. He scientifically screened traditional tonics and concluded that some of the traditionally used tonics did cause health. Amongst those tonics proven to cause health, some caused health more strongly than others. The important fact here is that Brekhman proved that traditional tonics did cause health. His legacy includes 10 valerogens with the proven capacity to increase health and well-being.

Using Brekhman’s screening process and contemporary research facilities, Schar created a more refined, up to date process through which health stimulating substances could be identified. In his PhD research, Schar identified a further 40 valerogens. Presently Schar continues to identify and study valerogens and make them known to the general public.


Valeology is a science of health. It includes all aspects of healthy life style, such as the skill to build cordial and trusted family relations, maintaining a reasonable mode of the day, alternating exercise and rest, individual diet selection, training procedures and hygienic water tempering the body, mastering hygiene methods of thought, mastery of meditative Autotraining, savvy use of affirmations and mantras carefully selected personally for you, mandatory presence in your life any form of creativity.


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