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IT and the travel industry

Information technology (IT) is an important part of the travel business. Almost all suppliers, such as tour operators, airlines, and hotels, have their own website. Customers can find information and make online bookings. There are also many ‘one-stop’ websites, like traveleasy.com. These allow people to find all the information they need on one website – for example, the cheapest deals on flights, or hotel accommodation.


Buying travel services online, rather than through a travel agent, is quicker and usually cheaper for the customer. Customers can also get more information about the services they are buying. Selling online is also cheaper for the suppliers, because they don’t have to pay a commission to a travel agent.


Almost any job, from hotel reception to airline reservations, uses a computer. For example, to work for a hotel, travel agent, or airline, you need to be able to use a Central Reservation System (CRS) such as Sabre or Fidelio. If you want to work in IT specifically for the travel industry, you need qualifications in both IT and tourism.


When you apply for a job, you should always mention any IT skills you have, like working on spreadsheets, or designing websites. If you have these skills, you will be more attractive to an employer.


Hotel services and facilities

- air conditioning

- baby sitting

- beauty parlour

- boutique

- car park

- conference facilities

- safe box

- direct dial telephone

- gymnasium

- hairdryer

- internet connection

- Jacuzzi

- laundry service

- minibar

- swimming pool

- pay TV

- radio

- restaurant

- satellite TV

- room service

- wake-up call

- sauna

- sea view

- disabled access

- room service


In your opinion, which are the five most important hotel services and facilities in:

1. a hotel for business people and conference delegates?

2. a holiday hotel complex on the coast?

3. a small hotel in the countryside?



I Choose the correct verb form in the sentences below.

1. The brochures often feature / are often featuring hotels at popular tourist destinations.

2. LA experiences / is experiencing a boom in hotel building.

3. The accommodation tax varies / is varying from 10-15 per cent.

4. We think / ‘re thinking of going to Spain for our holiday this year.

5. Rome has / is having more museums than any other Italian city.

6. A meal for two costs / is costing about $ 100.

7. The Carpathians become / are becoming very popular with overseas visitors.

8. We look / ‘re looking for a suitable hotel in Prague.

9. British Airways flies / is flying direct to San Diego daily.

10. Florida suffers / is suffering from a severe lack of rainfall at the


11. Theme parks attract / are attracting families with young children.



II Complete the letter with the correct forms of the verbs in



Dear Mr. Perez,


Four months ago, I (visit) ……visited……your hotel and (send) ……… you a report detailing the improvements that must be undertaken before your hotel can meet our quality standards. In particular, the carpet in the reception area badly (need) ……… changing, guests (be) ……… made to wait unacceptable length of time before being served and a number of light bulbs (not / work) ……… in several rooms.

I (now receive) ……… a letter from you saying that you (take) ……… the necessary steps to ensure that the hotel comes up to the required standard. I understand that you (also redecorate) ……… several passageways and I see from the enclosed invoices that the roof (be)……… repaired.

I (ring) ……… your deputy manager yesterday in order to confirm my visit next Thursday morning and look forward to meeting you then.


Yours sincerely,

John Brown


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