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Accident Prevention

Accidents are a major cause ___ (1) avoidable ill-health, injury and death ___ (2) Britain and a very important cause ___ (3) short-term illness and often permanent disability. Children, young adults and older people are particularly vulnerable. Accidents are the most common cause ___ (4) death of people ___ (5) thirty. Many are preventable ___ (6) information and education, and through improved planning and design ___ (7) the environment, better management ___ (8) the workplace or greater vigilance and supervision ___ (9) the home.

Risk factors ___ (10) accidents among young adults include risk-taking behaviour combined ___ (11) a lack ___ (12) experience and, most notably, alcohol use. Heavy drinking has also been associated ___ (13) 26 per cent ___ (14) drownings, about one-third ___ (15) all domestic accidents and ___ (16) least 39 per cent ___ (17) deaths ___ (18) fires.

It is estimated that personal injury accident as a result of, ___ (19) example, road traffic accidents ___ (20) England cost approximately 4,500 million pounds and that 7 per cent ___ (21) total National Health Service spending results ___ (22) accidental injuries in 1998.

Most experience ___ (23) preventing accidents has been built up ___ (24) agencies such as accident local authorities and voluntary organizations. Health agencies have now begun to appreciate the very significant contribution that they can make ___ (25) accident prevention, ___ (26) partnership ___ (27) the other interested agencies, and their roles are beginning to change.


Exercise 17.Read the sentences. Then decide who is most likely to be saying them.


a) "My fingers hurt."

b) "I have a terrible pain in my chest."

c) "I've got a dreadful stomachache."

d) "My knees are killing me."

e) "I have such a terrible headache."

f) "My shoulder is aching terribly."


1) Someone who had to sit for five hours in a plane near noisy engine.

2) Someone who has just bicycled 100 miles.

3) Someone who has eaten some food which is not fresh.

4) Someone who tried to lift something that was too heavy for him.

5) Someone who closed a door on his hand.

6) Someone who is having a heart attack.


Exercise 18. Dental care. Choose the right word.


1) Dentists recommend brushing teeth with a fluoride toothpaste to ___________ them from decay.

arm defend guard protect

2) Have you got toothache? Your face looks ___________.

big enlarged expanded swollen

3) I had to have two _______________ when I went to the dentist last week.

cavities fillings paddings refills

4) She always pays ______________ visits to the dentist.

customary habitual normal regular

5) He _____________ when the dentist touched the bad tooth.

alarmed dreaded laughed winced

6) Robert is very ______________ about the cost of his dental treatment.

ashamed pained sorry worried

7) The _____________ in one of my teeth has come out, so I'm going to the dentist.

cover completion filling replacement

8) He made a note of the appointment with his dentist in his ______________.

diary directory journal register

9) She phoned her dentist to say she was unable to ____________ her appointment.

arrive hold keep stand

10) She put ____________ going to the dentist although her teeth needed attention.

away in off out

11) The small girl had to have four teeth _____________ because they were so bad.

broken pulled taken away taken out

12) The loss of a front tooth has left an unsightly _____________ in her teeth.

gap hole slot space

13) In some countries more and more young people now need _____________ teeth.

false spare unnatural untrue



Exercise 19.Fill the blanks with the words below. You may need to change the form of the words. Each word can be used only once.


cavity cement dentist dentures disease pain

examine interval practice equipment gums fill

lose nerve tooth preventive treatment treat

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