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Ex.15 Choose the correct answers.

1. You should put your hand in front of your mouth when you …..

a) sniff b) snore c) swallow d) yawn

2. The dog was in a terrible ….. when we found it.

a) condition b) danger c) illness d) sickness

3. I felt a sharp ….. when I put my hand in the boiling water.

a) ache b) harm c) pain d) suffer

4. If you have got measles, your body is covered in ….. .

a) blots b) dots c) freckles d) spots

5. Every time she eats shellfish, she comes out in ….. .

a) a blush b) a bruise c) an itch d) a rash

6. The baby is very fretful: he must be ….. some teeth.

a) cutting b)grinding c) making d) producing

7. He ….. from rheumatism.

a) hurts b) pains c) suffers d) troubles

8. I have a ….. headache.

a) burning b) raving c) spitting d) splitting

9. His stomach began to ….. because of the bad food he had eaten.

a) ache b) be hurt c) harm d) pain

10. I’ve got such a ….. throat I’m sure I must be going to have a cold.

a) hurt b) irritable c) sensitive d) sore

11. I’m not really ill, but I have a ….. headache.

a) delicate b) pale c) slight d) weak

12. Colour-blind people often find it difficult to ….. between blue and green.

a) compare b) contrast c) distinguish d) separate

13. Whenever she catches a cold, she gets a ….. all over her face.

a) blemish b) lump c) rash d) sore

14. She ….. of severe pains in her arms and legs.

a) complains b) grumbles c) remarks d) says

15. My husband does not feel at all well. I think he must have eaten something that….. him.

a) disagreed b) disturbed c) hurt d) poisoned

16. If you have a sore throat it is very difficult to ….. .

a) bite b) chew c) digest d) swallow

17. If you didn’t keep scratching that spot on your face, it would soon ….. .

a) cure b) heal c) mend d) remedy

18. After the accident she suffered brain ….. and couldn’t speak.

a) damage b) decay c) destruction d) disease

19. The child who swallowed a peanut began to ….. .

a) breathe b) choke c) cough d) yawn


Ex.16 Choose the best alternative to complete the sentence. Look up any words you don't know.

1. He went on a diet because of his high blood ...

a) tension b) pressure c) poisoning d) inflammation

2. I'm a bit ... so could you speak a little louder?

a) dumb b) blind c) deaf d) lame

3. It took me weeks to ... my illness.

a) recover from b) lessen c) soothe d) neglect

4. His ... was so bad that he never used a lift.

a) agoraphobia b) claustrophobia c) insomnia d) antidote

5. There was an ... of cholera after the disaster.

a) upset b) infection c) input d) outbreak

6. The new discovery was an important ... in the fight against cancer.

a) daybreak b) break-away c) outbreak d) breakthrough

Ex.17 Match the formal sentences (a -j) with an everyday explanation (1- 10).

a) She fractured her arm. b) She vomited. c) Her condition deteriorated. d) She was convalescing. e) She suffered from insomnia. f) She fainted. g) She was pregnant. h) She was depressed. i) She was intoxicated. j) She was unwell. 1. She was resting to recover from being ill. 2. She felt a bit funny. 3. She passed out. 4. She was drunk. 5. She broke it. 6. She got worse. 7. She was feeling low. 8. She was sick. 9. She was expecting a baby. 10. She couldn't sleep.


Ex.18 Fill in the missing verbs in the sentences below. Choose from the following and make any changes where necessary. Use each verb once only:ache, infect, choke, injure, disinfect, lose consciousness, faint, recuperate, heal, suffer from, swell up, treat, vaccinate.

1. My mother is now _________ at a private nursing home after her operation. 2. A fairly common way of ___________ rheumatism is to give the patient a cortisone injection. 3. I went running last night and I've been _______ ever since. 4. My sister has _________ hay fever since she was twelve. 5. They deliberately _____ the rats with the disease in order to test the effectiveness of the new drug. 6. She almost _________ to death on a chicken bone. 7. I remember vaguely seeing the doctor's face before I _________ . The next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital bed. 8. The cut looks nasty. We'd better wash it and __________ it immediately. 9. When a mosquito bit her, her whole foot ____________ . 10. Two soldiers on parade __________ in the hot sun. 11. Two hundred people were killed and thousands _______ in the recent earthquake in Mexico. 12. She asked the doctor to _________ her children against measles. 13. His wound has now __________ completely and it hasn't even left a scar.


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