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VIII. Match left and right

1. People also pollute 1. Is one of the most serious

2. Everyone wants problems facing humanity

3. Pollution of soil 2. Reduces the amount of land

4. Environmental pollution 3. to reduce pollution

5. Too much fertilizer 4. their surroundings

6. All parts of the environment in various other ways

7. Badly polluted air 5. Are closely related to one


6. can ruin soil

7. can cause illness


IX. Read and translate text B:

"Air pollution"

Words to Help You Understand the Passage

sourcesSources are things or places from which something else comes or begins.

energy In science, energy is the ability to do work.

contributes To contribute means to give a part of something or to have a share in making something happen.

particlesParticles are small pieces of things, such as specks of dust.

corrodeTo corrode means to eat away, as to turn to rust.



People and the sources of air pollution are found in the same places. This means that cities that have large populations have the biggest problem of dirty air. Air pollution is caused by many different things. A major source of air pollution is the gas fumes from cars. Statistics show that 93 percent of all auto trips are within cities. Another major source of dirty air is the burning of coal and for energy. This energy is needed to make electricity. Of course, much more electricity is used in the city than in the country.

On the average, each American throws away more trash and garbage than he did the year before. Burning garbage contributes to air pollution. Many major industries are also responsible for the dirty air in and around cities. The fumes from iron, steel, chemical, and petroleum production add particles to the air.

The effect of air pollution range from mild headaches to death. The levels of pollution found in heavy traffic may cause headaches or loss of clear vision. Wherever coal and oil are used for fuel, fumes may kill trees and plants and cause metal to corrode. In some of the larger cities, these fumes endanger the lives of human beings by contributing to lung diseases and causing early deaths.


1. What is this passage about?

(1) cities (3) air pollution

(2) cars (4) industries


2. What is said about air pollution? (What is the main idea of the passage?)

(1) The cause of air pollution is people.

(2) The causes and the effects of air pollution are both found in cities.

(3) The effects of air pollution range from headaches to death.

(4) Air pollution is caused by dirty air.


3. What is the purpose of this passage?

(1) to persuade people to stop polluting the air

(2) to tell the causes and effects of air pollution

(3) to tell why cities are bad places to live

(4) to describe how people living in cities feel about polluted air


4. Which of these does not cause air pollution?

(1) trucks

(2) burning garbage

(3) headaches

(4) burning coal and oil as fuel


5. What does "endanger" mean in this passage?

(1) make easier

(2) cause danger to

(3) make less dangerous

(4) make faster



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