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Environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution is a term that refers to all the ways by which people pollute their surroundings. People dirty the air with gases and smoke, poison the water with chemicals and other substances, and damage the soil with too many fertilizers in various other ways. They operate machines and motor vehicles that fill the air with disturbing noise. Nearly everyone causes environmental pollution in some way.

Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems facing humanity today. Air, water, and soil all harmed by pollution- are necessary to the survival of all living things. Badly polluted air can cause illness, and even death. Polluted water kills fish and other marine life. Pollution of soil reduces the amount of land that is available for growing food. In addition, environmental pollution also brings ugliness to our naturally beautiful world.

Everyone wants to reduce pollution. But the pollution problem is as complicated as it is serious. It is complicated because much pollution is caused by things that benefit people. For example, exhaust from automobiles causes a large percentage of all air pollution. But the automobile provides transportation for millions of people. Factories discharge much of the material that pollutes air and water, but factories provide jobs for people and produce goods that people want. Too much fertilizer or pesticide can ruin soil, but fertilizers and pesticides are important aids to the growing of crops.

Thus, to end or greatly reduce pollution immediately, people would have to stop using many things that benefit them. Most people do not want to do that, of course. But pollution can be gradually reduced in several ways. Scientists and engineers can work to find ways to lessen the amount of pollution that such things as automobiles and factories cause. Governments can pass and enforce laws that require businesses and individuals to stop, or cut down on, certain polluting activities. And perhaps most importantly individuals and groups of people can work to persuade their representatives in government, and also persuade businesses, to take action toward reducing pollution.

People have always polluted their surroundings. But throughout much of history, pollution was not a major problem. Most people lived in uncrowded rural areas, and the pollutants (waste products) they produce were widely scattered.


IV. Answer the following questions:

1) What is environmental pollution?

2) What is the most serious problem facing humanity today?

3) What does polluted water kill?

4) What can badly polluted air cause?

5) Who can pass and enforce laws reducing polluting activities?

6) Name all kinds of environmental pollution.


V. Make up sentences with the help of the words from right and left columns:


1. People also pollute 1. is one of the most serious problems

2. Everyone wants facing humanity

3. Pollution of soil 2. reduces the amount of land

4. Environmental pollution 3. to reduce pollution

5. Too much fertilizer 4. their surroundings in various other

6. All parts of the environment ways

7. Badly polluted air 5. Are closely related to one another

6. can ruin soil

7. can cause illness


VI. Give definitions to the following words:

Smoke, poison, fertilizer, crop, pollute.

1) agricultural plants in the fields;

2) make dirty;

3) chemical plant food; artificial manure;

4) visible vapour with particles of carbon, etc. Coming from a burning substance;

5) substance causing death or harm if absorbed by a living thing (animal, or plant)


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